Synonyms for Inspiration:


flash, hunch, thoroughbred, miracle, the sublime, phenomenon, model, impulse, masterpiece, classic, marvel. motivation, influence, go, zest, verve, vitality, team spirit, a new lease on life, spur, incentive. fire, be really/quite something, knock your socks off, make a favorable impression (on someone), put someone/something in the shade, genius, brilliancy, exceed (someone's) expectations, stand out, commend itself (to someone), brilliance, make an impression, take your breath away, good. encouragement, help, stimulation. brain wave. religion, afflatus. breath. biblical revelation (noun)
Revealment, disclosure, prophecy, manifestation, epiphany, discovery, oracle, apocalypse, gospel, revelation, apparition, evidence, emergence, apotheosis, coming, issuance, vision, materialization, appearance.
cause (noun)
compulsion, action, generation, motive, basis, stimulus, enforcement, source, origination, force, drive, mainspring, cause, provocation, factor, grounds, root, effectuation, determinant, evocation, elicitation, compunction, motivator, execution.
deity (noun)
goddess, messiah, Jesus Christ, divinity, omnipotence, omniscience, King of Kings, dieu, muse, all-powerful, providence, redeemer, maker, King of the Jews, christ, hero, absolute, jesus, Jesu, Lamb of God, almighty, godhead, Prince of Peace, savior, lord, heroine, salvation, trinity, deity, holy ghost, Son of God, judge, jehovah, Son of Man, idol, demigod, infinite, creator.
fountain (noun)
high spirits (noun)
elation, lift, euphoria, animation, exhilaration, exaltation, uplift, happy, Elatedness.
idea (noun)
thought, idea, reflection, perception, inkling, ideation, principle, brainstorm, observation, supposition, conception, notion, image, concept, design, opinion, theory, plan, consideration.
idea, stimulus (noun)
brainstorm, motivation, notion, exaltation, influence, impulse, brainchild, stimulation, thought, incentive, motive, afflatus, vision, muse, revelation, spur, flash, genius, hunch, encouragement.
inspiration (noun)
breathing in, inhalation, stirring, aspiration, brainchild, divine guidance.
reception (noun)
admission, osmosis, assimilation, absorption, ingestion, engorgement, reception, inhalation, suction.
respiration (noun)

Other synonyms:

brain wave, team spirit, genius, afflatus, phenomenon, marvel, the sublime, stimulation, verve. brilliancy, brilliance, impulse, motivation, vitality, thoroughbred, miracle, masterpiece. zest, encouragement. model, classic. fire. go. high spirits
elation, animation, uplift, euphoria, Elatedness, exhilaration, exaltation.
Other relevant words:
help, verve, impulse, brilliance, brilliancy, vitality, incentive, masterpiece, fire, divine guidance, stimulation, exaltation, uplift, elation, marvel, influence, flash, breath, hunch, zest, model, go, religion, Elatedness, phenomenon, classic, encouragement, breathing in, motivation, stirring, brain wave, miracle, euphoria, genius, afflatus, aspiration, happy, lift, good, exhilaration, thoroughbred, spur, brainchild, animation.

Usage examples for inspiration

  1. Nigel, it is an inspiration – Jeanne of the Marshes by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  2. It is not the inspiration of this book or any theory in regard to its inspiration – Addresses by Phillips Brooks
  3. Let me kiss your eyes, your beautiful dear eyes, which have always glanced with looks of love, and which have always given me new inspiration – Marie Antoinette And Her Son by Louise Muhlbach Official