Synonyms for Stimulation:


help, inspiration, encouragement. fillip, push, Stimulator, cause, spur. amusement (noun)
frivolity, recreation, pleasure, whimsicality, jocularity, Jolliness, levity, fun, hilarity, amusement, pastime, diversion, relaxation, play, humor, merriment, Divertissement, distraction, celebration, tonic, entertainment, refreshment, game, sport, hobby.
awakening (noun)
compulsion (noun)
obligation, intimidation, pressure, motivation, incitement, duress, coercion.
excitement (noun)
attentiveness, effervescence, fervor, fervency, animation, agitation, anxiety, inflammation, electrification, arousal, furor, energy, disquietude, exhilaration, feverishness, passion, excitement, Ardency, turbulence, fire.
motivation (noun)
impulse, instigation, stimulus, impetus, prod.
motive (noun)
facilitation, motive, propulsion, induction, goading, trigger, impulsion, provocation, fermentation, urge, compulsion, magnetism, fomentation, prompting, catalyst, drive, force.
provocation (noun)
incitement, invigoration, stimulant, incentive, refreshment.
refreshment (noun)
invigoration, enlivenment, resuscitation, restoration, rejuvenation, reinvigoration, recuperation, renewal.
reward (noun)
bounty, treat, carrot, temptation, tribute, honorarium, allowance, allotment, gift, reward, enticement, bonus, gratuity, stipend, sweetener, tip, lure, wages, consideration, plum, inducement, compensation, payment, remuneration, award, wage, amends, grant, atonement, incentive, sweepstakes, prize.
stimulation (noun)
foreplay, input, stimulus, arousal, stimulant.

Other synonyms:

cause, Stimulator. spur. encouragement, fillip. inspiration. Other relevant words:
fillip, input, cause, foreplay, Stimulator, encouragement, push, stimulant, spur, inspiration.

Usage examples for stimulation

  1. Is there a bottomless well of stimulation in Germany? – Germany, The Next Republic? by Carl W. Ackerman
  2. This, the image method of stimulation enables the mind to recognize objects and to locate them in their various positions. – Physiology and Hygiene for Secondary Schools by Francis M. Walters, A.M.