Synonyms for Grounds:


lees, Leavings. arenas (noun)
Areas, Arenas, rooms, regions, settings, circuits, courtyards, Gymnasia, Pens, auditoriums, campuses, Circuses, halls, precincts, battlefields, hippodromes, Locales, enclosures, stages, circles, bailiwicks, theaters, provinces, Galleries, battle grounds, realms, beats, domains, fields, dominions, amphitheaters, rings.
basis (noun)
basis, premise (noun)
evidence, root, reason, factor, determinant, goods, motive, cause, proof.
cause (noun)
provocation, generation, action, compulsion, execution, drive, basis, cause, elicitation, effectuation, origination, evocation, motive, motivator, mainspring, source, root, determinant, compunction, force, inspiration, stimulus, enforcement, factor.
causes (noun)
compulsions, roots, mainsprings, Stimuli, actions, motivators, Bases, factors, forces, evocations, sources, inspirations, motives, Drives, executions, causes.
estate, domain (noun)
real estate, fields, territory, lot, environs, property.
evidence (noun)
evidence, proof.
grounds (noun)
evidence, yard, settlings, curtilage, cause, dregs, reason.
land (noun)
lands (noun)
terra firma, Beaches, Stones, coasts, shores, banks, Soils, mainlands.
motive (noun)
places (noun)
Forums, Stations, Floors, places, sites, spots, Habitats, locations.
properties (noun)
inheritances, Legacies, goods, assets, farms, Properties, belongings, Resources, Territories, empires, real estate, manors, possessions, stocks, chattels, fixtures, estates, principals, holdings, titles, ranches, effects, kingdoms, lands, realties, wealths.
real estate (noun)
environs, estate, territory, property, lot.
residue (noun)
dregs, detritus, remainder, debris, vestige, residue, afterglow, leftovers, chaff, remnant, afterimage, sediment, slag, Filings, dross, artifact, precipitate, scum, sawdust.
residues (noun)
detrita, remnants, Afterimages, Artifacts, vestiges, remainders, residues, chaffs, sediments, deposits, precipitates.
sediment (noun)
settlings, lees, Leavings, precipitate, dregs, residue.

Other synonyms:

estate. property. yard
Other relevant words:
lees, yard, reason, property, proof, estate, lot, settlings, curtilage, evidence.

Usage examples for grounds

  1. But Hawthwaite must have good grounds for this! – In the Mayor's Parlour by J. S. (Joseph Smith) Fletcher
  2. These, then, are the Happy Hunting- Grounds – Tales of Fantasy and Fact by Brander Matthews
  3. We've no grounds for assuming that he ever knew a Mrs. Hilyard at all, and if he did- as I said before, it's no business of ours. – The Vision of Desire by Margaret Pedler