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thou - 58 results
Other synonyms:

atomic number 19, curtilage, metre, kibibyte, m, cat valium, jet, special K, railyard, kB, molarity, railway yard, G, meter, you, gigabyte, thyself, grounds, them, guanine, him, yard, grand, I, moi, cubic yard, super acid, gram, k, they, gramme, mebibyte, green, 1000, gibibyte, s/he, grand piano, thousand, molar concentration, potassium, gee, pace, kilobyte, constant of gravitation, gm, super C, one thousand, yourself, chiliad, g-force, honey oil, deoxyguanosine monophosphate, kelvin, me, her, megabyte, gravitational constant, he.

Examples of usage:

Knowest thou all it mean? - "Faust", Goethe.

She ended with: " I do not even desire thee to come, yet come thou." - "David Elginbrod", George MacDonald.

Thou life and light of all my heart, farewell! - "Opera Stories from Wagner", Florence Akin.

Similar words:

holier-than-thou, thor, Thor Hyerdahl, tho, tho'.

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