Synonyms for Scores:


blemishes (noun)
brands, lesions, defacements, impurities, faults, imperfections, abrasions, sores, blotches, Warts, drawbacks, weals, disfigurements, Deformities, pockmarks, scabs, stigmata, distortions, discolorations, eyesores, rifts, holes, kinks, flaws.
calculations (noun)
assessments, methods, calculations, inferences, deductions, estimations, appraisals, thoughts, approximations, Algorithms, Evaluations, valuations, considerations, statistics, presumptions, systems, mathematics, Measurements, computations, determinations, suppositions, divisions, judgements, conclusions.
lists (noun)
cash books, ledgers, Manifests, dockets, workbooks, Records, Censuses, Summaries, annuals, rolls, chronicles, books, Budgets, Inventories, statements, files, Tablets, itemizations, Thesauri, pads, Registries, thesauruses, daybooks, annals, Histories, waybills, scrolls, lexicons, details, Dictionaries, recordings, Journals, Catalogs, lists, bills, tables, logbooks, invoices, stores, menus, registers, storybooks, scrapbooks, logs, calendars, notebooks, yearbooks, treasuries, bank books, rosters, digests, Diaries, albums, repertories, Indices, collections, novels.
notches (noun)
gaps, cuts, indents, splits, clefts, chinks, indentations, jogs, incisions, crevices.
scads (noun)
scores (noun)
lots, rafts, dozens, heaps, slews, scads, lashings, piles, loads, wads, oodles, tons, gobs, stacks.


acquires (verb)
takes, catches, obtains, nets, amasses, claims, harvests, corners, gets, bags, palms, pockets, lures, procures, purchases, fetches, annexes, heaps, captures, secures, wins, accumulates, buys, reaps, assumes, acquires, retrieves, garners, lands, wrangles, receives, incurs.
blemishes (verb)
deforms, Fractures, damages, taints, slits, disfigures, dots, marks, Scars, Blisters, abrades, distorts, scratches, spots, tarnishes, gashes, notches, Stains, Chips, flecks, checks, Blemishes, nicks, hurts, scuffs, mars, cracks, hacks, scrapes, specks, splotches, defaces, Freckles, defects, blots, spoils, discolors.
calculates (verb)
rationalizes, infers, determines, evaluates, computes, reckons, presumes, ranks, gauges, sums, divides, estimates, guesses, assesses, accounts, Measures, surmises, supposes, figures, Studies, totals, quantizes, systematizes, appraises, thinks, enumerates, multiplies, Tallies, schemes, plans, judges, Programs, adds, rates, counts, concludes, approximates, Schedules, calculates, considers, quantifies, values, triangulates, weighs, deduces, plots.
engraves (verb)
lithographs, etches, engraves.
lists (verb)
notes, Indexes, tabulates, audits, collects, recounts, summarizes, itemizes, documents, journalizes.
measures (verb)
benchmarks, Scales, Tests, calibrates, Surveys.
notches (verb)
cleaves, serrates, incises.
orders (verb)
establishes, orders, balances, arrays, Forms, Marshals, places, shapes, adjusts, groups, methodizes, separates, categorizes, harmonizes, orchestrates, designs, classifies, structures, normalizes, controls, sets, fixes, charts, unsnarls, arranges, unifies, integrates, screens, types, Rights, stabilizes, casts, composes, prepares, sorts, grades, devises, mediates, settles, schematizes, sifts, collates, subordinates, maintains, frames, supports, regulates, organizes, pigeonholes, Classes, stratifies.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
lashings, dozens, gobs, tons, stacks, loads, slews, rafts, wads, scads, oodles, lots, piles.

Usage examples for scores

  1. The well was shallow, with a good supply of water, and there were a few scores of acres of open ground around the rocks, though the scrubs came as close as possible. – Australia Twice Traversed, The Romance of Exploration Australia Twice Traversed. The Romance Of Exploration, Being A Narrative Compiled From The Journals Of Five Exploring Expeditions Into And Through Central South Australia, And Western Australia, From 1 by Ernest Giles
  2. Mother Nulette would have come and sat with me, as she does scores of times. – A Dog of Flanders by Louisa de la Rame)
  3. Windows had been thrown open, and scores of heads were looking out. – Marcella by Mrs. Humphry Ward