Synonyms for Orders:


categories (noun)
Phyla, series, Castes, Categories, persuasions, LINEs, Styles, Families, molds, designations, feathers, steps, kingdoms, Strains, Taxonomies, degrees, Genera, stocks, stripes, denominations, clans, kinds, Races, levels, breeds, peoples, Varieties, Classifications, Grains, species, Genotypes.


categorizes (verb)
brands, stamps, designates, assorts, labels.
cleans (verb)
purges, sweeps, purifies, scrubs, filters, launders, clears, Tidies, disinfects, sanitizes, washes, cleans, wipes, sterilizes, cleanses.
controls (verb)
rules, commands, executes, supervises, leads, superintends, disciplines, governs, oversees, bridles, manages, administers, presides, harnesses, steers, dominates, pilots, directs.
orders (verb)
balances, stratifies, supports, establishes, sifts, unifies, shapes, charts, categorizes, systematizes, harmonizes, pigeonholes, rates, casts, designs, methodizes, separates, organizes, collates, orchestrates, schemes, ranks, places, sets, sorts, arrays, groups, plans, classifies, rationalizes, composes, subordinates, screens, devises, Rights, stabilizes, scores, Schedules, structures, frames, Forms, adjusts, fixes, plots, integrates, maintains, Classes, prepares, types, regulates, Marshals, schematizes, mediates, unsnarls, settles, arranges, normalizes, grades, Programs, controls.
sequences (verb)
strings, lines up, links, succeeds, aligns, concatenates, progresses, chains, sequences, threads, follows, queues.

Usage examples for orders

  1. Orders had been issued to conduct his funeral as that of a general of the highest rank. – Napoleon's Young Neighbor by Helen Leah Reed
  2. I must call to some of them, though, and leave orders where they are to join. – The Parent's Assistant by Maria Edgeworth