Synonyms for Boss:


all (adjective)
great (adjective)
excellent, first-rate, capital, fine, champion, top.


decoration, embellishment, adornment, overlay, Patterning, trim, border, ornament, decor, detailing. businesswoman, businessman, capitalist, over, account executive, agent, foreperson, taskmistress, ambassador, straw boss, businessperson, forewoman. employer, hierarch, autocrat, enforcer, figurehead, dictator, demagogue, the Establishment. fine, quality, ace, great, a-one, tiptop, splendid, first class, banner, first-rate, terrific, dandy, superb, topnotch, blue-ribbon, excellent, swell, tophole, prime, bully, topflight, capital, good. boss (noun)
party boss, emboss, chief, political boss, arch, hirer, stud, top, foreman, superior, important, of import, brag, stamp, rivet, gaffer, head, honcho.
director (noun)
ringmaster, leader, taskmaster, officer, governor, commander, dean, magistrate, conductor, administrator, director, band master, manager, mayor, chief, ringleader, commandant, overseer, baron, captain, overlord, queen, superintendent, general, executive, warden, supervisor, ruler, foreman, king.
honcho (noun)
manager over other employees (noun)
executive, chief, director, administrator, honcho, leader, head, superintendent, employer, person in charge, supervisor, foreperson, overseer.
person (noun)
foreman, honcho, gaffer, chief.
slave driver (noun)
superior (noun)
president, star, superman, wonderwoman, superior, sovereign, nobility, victor, premier, prize winner, champion, superwoman, paragon, aristocracy, champ, virtuoso, winner, prima donna, elite, prodigy, exceller.
supervisor (noun)
person in charge.


contact (verb)
emboss, stamp.
control; command (verb)
manage, superintend, administer, oversee, direct, supervise.
direct (verb)
govern, command, conduct, administer, manage, master, lord, rule, direct, supervise, superintend, lead, oversee.

Other synonyms:

businessman, account executive, topnotch, capitalist, straw boss, dictator, hierarch, blue-ribbon, taskmistress, topflight, businesswoman, a-one, foreperson, ambassador, employer, demagogue, autocrat, businessperson, tophole, forewoman. figurehead, first-rate, enforcer, agent, first class. prime, dandy, tiptop. fine, great. splendid, terrific. quality. first class

Usage examples for boss

  1. 3146, in which it is seen that the hub or boss of the loose pulley is much longer than that of the fast one, thus providing a large amount of bearing surface, which is advantageous because the belt will remain longer at the loose pulley than it will on the tight one. – Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II by Joshua Rose
  2. Also it would never do to tell her that he'd been afraid to go to the boss – Skinner's Dress Suit by Henry Irving Dodge
  3. You come home with me, Boss – The Enchanted Canyon by Honoré Willsie Morrow