Synonyms for Schoolmistress:


headmistress, housemaster, headteacher, houseparent, head, faculty. schoolmistress (noun)
mistress, schoolmarm.
teacher (noun)
guru, master, mentor, instructor, schoolmaster, tutor, trainer, advisor, headmaster, guide, educator, lecturer, professor, coach, counselor, teacher.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
headmistress, housemaster, houseparent, faculty, head, headteacher, mistress, schoolmarm.

Usage examples for schoolmistress

  1. Here he falls in love with the village schoolmistress a sweet mystical devotee, whom he rather suspects of stealing his gold, and whom he defends from one ruffian in order to grossly insult her himself. –  by
  2. Each seems train'd up in the same school of mischief: And of that school, if any such there be, My wife, I think, is schoolmistress – The Comedies of Terence by Publius Terentius Afer
  3. Several days had passed since his conversation with Mrs. Barrows, and village information had given definite assurance that her plan for freezing out the Yankee schoolmistress was being put into execution. – The Loves of Ambrose by Margaret Vandercook