Synonyms for Head:


master (adjective)
commanding, directing, governing, leading, ruling, Presiding, master, principal, senior, star.
most important; chief (adjective)
arch, front, leading, principal.


abrasion, abscess, athlete's foot, black eye, blackhead, blemish, blister, blotch, boil, noodle, nut, poll, scalp, bedsore. administrator, belief, commitment, concept, faith, ideal, philosophy, principle, theory, thought. annotate, backdate, complete, crest, date, enshrine, enter, fill out, summit, fill in. control, front, look after, origin, source, start, supervise, watch over. acme, bassinet, bed, bedpost, bedroll, bedside, bedstead, berth, bunk, climax, crisis, end, turning point, Air bed, bedhead. cross, dribble, energy, hook, kick, knock, play, shoot, smash, strike at. apex, back, base, bevel, bottom, brim, bump, cap, confines, cork, corner, cover, edge, fixture. autocrat, caption, demagogue, dictator, employer, enforcer, figurehead, headline, title, the Establishment. addict, belong, concentrate, exist, get, hippie, lie, occupy, set, sit, stand, there is/are etc.. backwater, bayou, bight, block, body, branch, cascade, cataract, confluence, conk, noddle. banknote, bill, bread, cash, change, coin, coinage, copper, gray matter, bucks. ability, approach, aptitude, aptness, bent, cranial, faculty, flair, gift, headless, instinct, knack, talent, turn. bellows, bow, bridge, catgut, damper, drumstick, fret, hammer, hierarch, key, over. bolt, dowel, foreperson, forewoman, nail, overseer, pin, plug, rivet, straw boss, superintendent, supervisor, taskmaster, taskmistress, butterfly nut. brand, corral, crate, crook, dairy, dip, foam, froth, lather, solid, spume, suds, yeast, cattle prod, cow town. brew, brewer, brewery, climacteric, crossroad, decide, draft, exigency, freshen, jigger, juncture, mash, pour out, zero hour, Exigence, microbrewery. carry on, flow, move, press, progress, walk-on, words, forge ahead. caster, castor, drawer, foot, leaf, leg, runner, shelf. coach, educator, housemaster, instructor, headteacher, houseparent. cut, queue, line up, first come, first served, join a line, jump in line, stand in line, wait in/on line. ability, intelligence (noun)
aptitude, aptness, bent, faculty, flair, gift, knack, mind, talent, thought, turn.
body (noun)
bubbles (noun)
crisis (noun)
culminate (noun)
climax, come to a climax, reach a crisis.
end (noun)
front, beginning (noun)
forefront, fountainhead, origin, source, start.
head (noun)
arch, bean, boss, brain, capitulum, caput, channelise, channelize, chief, cranium, crown, direct, drumhead, forefront, fountainhead, guide, head teacher, head up, head word, header, heading, headspring, headway, important, lead, maneuver, manoeuvre, mind, noggin, nous, of import, oral sex, pass, pate, point, principal, psyche, question, read/write head, school principal, significant, skull, steer, straits, top, top dog.
intelligence (noun)
foresight, ingenuity, mind.
leader (noun)
boss, captain, chief, commander, director, executive, manager, officer, president, superintendent, supervisor, top dog.
master (noun)
abbot, authority, captain, chief, commandant, commander, dean, director, executive, governor, guru, headmaster, headmistress, kingpin, landlady, landlord, leader, lord, maestro, mahatma, manager, mandarin, master, mother, officer, president, principal, proprietor, proprietress, quartermaster, ruler, senior, sire, squire, star, titleholder.
top part (noun)
apex, bill, cap, cork, crest, heading, headline, point, summit.
top part of an animate body (noun)
brain, capitulum, cranium, crown, gray matter, noggin, noodle, pate, scalp, skull.
turning point (noun)
acme, climax, crisis, end.


bubbles (verb)
head (verb)
aim, bear, fix, steer, vector.
manage, oversee (verb)
command, control, direct, govern, guide, lead, rule, supervise.
master (verb)
command, direct, govern, lead, manage, preside, rule.
motion (verb)
social (verb)

Other synonyms:

ability, addict, aptness, brewer, brewery, caster, castor, catgut, conk, cranial, damper, dowel, drawer, employer, foreperson, forewoman, front, gray matter, headless, hierarch, housemaster, instructor, noddle, noodle, straw boss, taskmistress, watch over, microbrewery, butterfly nut, headteacher. bellows, climacteric, drumstick, educator, flair, freshen, fret, headline, instinct, lather, look after, overseer, poll, pour out, rivet, scalp, shelf, spume, suds, taskmaster, turning point, yeast, zero hour, forge ahead, houseparent. carry on, control, crisis, faculty, jigger, queue, talent, walk-on, Exigence, line up. bow, cascade, crossroad, exigency, foam, juncture, knack, leaf, mash, nail, nut. aptitude, brew, gift. flow, key, leg, progress. bolt, coach. bridge, runner. hammer, pin, plug. block. draft. press. set. move. turn. get. cut. attachment
look after.
Other relevant words:
administrator, boss, brain, branch, capitulum, caption, caput, crest, front, gray matter, head up, heading, mind, nous, origin, point, poll, psyche, set, source, supervise, supervisor, title, top, turn.

Usage examples for head

  1. Head of the House! – The Wooden Horse by Hugh Walpole
  2. What put that idea into your head – Afar in the Forest by W.H.G. Kingston
  3. Dear head dear eyes! – The Adventures of Harry Richmond, Complete by George Meredith Last Updated: March 7, 2009