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master (verb)

direct, master, command, lead, preside, rule, govern, manage.

head (verb)

fix, bear, steer, aim, vector.

intelligence (noun)

ingenuity, foresight.

head (noun)

noggin, cranium, skull, crown, bean, pate.

Other synonyms:

leave, cascade, brewery, sit, backdate, pointedness, mash, climacteric, rivet, origin, offer, abscess, crook, encephalon, precede, climax, housemaster, promontory, clearance, brain, bedpost, blemish, doubtfulness, whirl, foreman, mind, oral sex, kick, percentage point, degree, passport, result, foam, catgut, taskmaster, cranial, first come, first served, thinker, base on balls, berth, draft, orient, confluence, peak, passing play, passing, capitulum, sharpen, mastermind, key, jump in line, intellect, arch, organise, ideal, walk on, instinct, look after, supervisor, first, freshen, premier, employer, over, principal sum, spike, decimal point, drumstick, froth, supreme, zero hour, foreperson, orchestrate, extend, item, stand in line, cow town, the establishment, noddle, words, bearing, exigence, hook, nous, place, suds, scalp, dip, press, interrogation, turning point, dot, supervise, coping, fill in, move, forefront, acme, stage, matter, enquiry, dome, compass point, doubt, concept, proposition, channel, address, interrogative sentence, vanguard, cross, bedsore, inquiry, nail, exigency, spume, ability, lather, athlete's foot, yeast, cope, title, juncture, flip, run, set, occupy, stop, exist, fountainhead, stand, bill, heading, headless, chief, play, preeminent, of import, crest, branch, gray matter, enforcer, corral, subject, black eye, query, breaker point, bridge, brand, cap, brainiac, queue, psyche, fill out, headteacher, back, bedside, enter, interrogative, period, enshrine, cut, bedhead, forge ahead, strike at, butterfly nut, dubiousness, brewer, watch over, well, foremost, spot, header, transmit, straits, join a line, bent, cork, guide, steer, foot, forewoman, manoeuvre, source, designate, control, signal, draw, reach a crisis, demagogue, knock, full stop, drift, figurehead, dairy, channelise, bed, question, corner, change, knack, indicate, creative thinker, idea, gaffer, castor, manoeuver, crack, carry on, mountain pass, faith, point, principle, brim, principal, theory, brainpower, crate, administrator, luff, microbrewery, bump, take, abrasion, tip, gunpoint, bedstead, walk, high, caster, annotate, full point, engineer, headland, start, there is/are etc., significant, shelf, bayou, leg, top, supereminent, conduct, conduce, autocrat, bassinet, motion, turn, concentrate, smash, maneuver, bunk, flair, fling, strait, school principal, qualifying, instructor, line up, foreland, come to a climax, coach, talent, blotch, screw, calculate, commitment, end, noodle, bottom, nut, bolt, toss, point in time, bevel, genius, theme, headline, cash, primary, hammer, show, transfer, houseparent, direct, damper, bellows, decide, pin, approach, overseer, moderate, judgment, top dog, guide on, backwater, shoot, contribute, energy, fret, send, brew, betoken, front, dealer, addict, honcho, cutting edge, progress, dowel, headman, copper, gallery, educator, target, runner, distributor point, train, cover, cattle prod, body, mentality, climax, jigger, lintel, get, philosophy, chieftain, go, head teacher, ear, bye, dribble, repoint, drawer, bight, taper, drumhead, hippie, lead, corpus, bread, date, solid, pour out, gift, division, belief, aptness, caption, cataract, bow, coinage, pass, block, flow, headword, dictator, belong, blackhead, important, aptitude, issue, caput, head word, wait in/on line, topic, charge, base, liberty chit, chief, lie, edge, operate, apex, complete, faculty, transport, wit, learning ability, conk, poll, thought, detail, soul, power point, banknote, mental capacity, air bed, bedroll, straw boss, blister, summit, take aim, prime, crossroad, judgement, boil, laissez passer, channelize, organize, level, bespeak, notch, hierarch, fixture, taskmistress, crisis, bucks, wellspring, plug, headspring, confines, passing game, head up, headway, chair, headroom, coin, boss, leaf, tribal chief, superintendent, read/write head.

Examples of usage:

Head of the House! - "The Wooden Horse", Hugh Walpole.

What put that idea into your head? - "Afar in the Forest", W.H.G. Kingston.

Dear head, dear eyes! - "The Adventures of Harry Richmond, Complete", George Meredith Last Updated: March 7, 2009.

Similar words:

running head, rotor head, swelled head, stagger head, snake's head fritillary, self-heal, rubbish heap, trash heap, total heat, turn up the heat.

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