Synonyms for Bridge:


handle, face, trestle, make the best of something, see about, pontoon, deal with, overpass, address, combat, do something, viaduct, platform, gangplank, tackle, take something on board. bond, adenoids, bung up, link, bogie, nostril, booger, aquiline, tie, nosebleed, nasal, adenoidal, connection. bay, cross the Rubicon, go forward resolutely, bilge, amidships, bow, beam, aft, bowsprit, be determined, blade, advance, berth. interrelate, be associated with, bear on, surround, pertain to, correspond, have something to do with something, do with, be bound up/together. boom, drawbridge, flyover, footbridge, aqueduct, arch, pier, cantilever. spur, bank, corridor, strip, belt. beggar-thy-neighbor. damper, fret, hammer, head, bellows, catgut, key, drumstick. dark glasses, frames, contact, earpiece, eyewear, contact lens, four-eyes, eyeglasses, bifocals. artifact (noun)
bridge (noun)
span, nosepiece, bridge deck, bridge circuit, bridgework, bridge over.
dentistry (noun)
cap, crown, braces, cavity, amalgam, caries, dentistry.
game (noun)
backgammon, rum, cribbage, Chinese Checkers, blind man's bluff, shuffleboard, marbles, whist, snooker, euchre, dominoes, stud poker, draughts, horseshoes, Skat, solitaire, pinochle, quoits, game, keno, chess, seven-up, billiards, hopscotch, contract bridge, checkers, penny ante, poker, baccarat, gin, rummy, old maid, hearts, faro, canasta, mah-jongg, straight poker, tiddlywinks, parcheesi, gin rummy, patience, blackjack, draw poker.
game of chance (noun)
penny ante, canasta, gin rummy, pinochle, gin.
structure or something that makes connection (noun)
gangplank, trestle, link, connection, arch, viaduct, bond, tie, span, pontoon, overpass, platform.


stative (verb)
bridge over.

Other synonyms:

booger, footbridge, cantilever, aquiline, damper, nostril, catgut, four-eyes, beggar-thy-neighbor, nosebleed, eyewear, adenoids, bifocals, bung up, viaduct, contact lens, aqueduct, dark glasses. drumstick, fret, nasal, pier, adenoidal, bellows, pontoon, earpiece. arch, spur. bow. belt, corridor, boom. bank, key, contact. strip. hammer. head. bridge
dentistry, crown, cap, amalgam, cavity, caries.
Other relevant words:
beam, crown, beggar-thy-neighbor, fret, bilge, bay, belt, trestle, interrelate, caries, booger, adenoidal, hammer, platform, bowsprit, frames, cantilever, nasal, drumstick, damper, four-eyes, bridge circuit, eyeglasses, overpass, corridor, bow, combat, address, bank, bond, earpiece, flyover, spur, catgut, braces, tackle, connection, contact, strip, bellows, link, pier, nosepiece, nosebleed, span, eyewear, adenoids, correspond, tie, aquiline, bridge deck, advance, amalgam, aqueduct, cavity, boom, bridge over, pontoon, surround, bridgework, aft, viaduct, handle, nostril, amidships, dentistry, blade, face, drawbridge, bogie, berth, head, cap, bifocals, arch, gangplank, footbridge, key.

Usage examples for bridge

  1. Don't you see that my mother is dying for some bridge – Jeanne of the Marshes by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  2. The bridge empty from end to end, so far as he could see, ran straight over to the south side, where, once again, there rose up the guard- house. – Dawn of All by Robert Hugh Benson
  3. At that moment Jack stood close to the bridge – The Boy Allies at Jutland by Robert L. Drake