Synonyms for Governing:


commanding (adjective)
influential, directing, presidential, Restraining, ascendant, Overseeing, ruling, supervisory, dominant, guiding, supreme, ordering, magisterial, conducting, controlling, dominating, regulatory, Superintending, determining, mastering, absolute, executive, administrative, authoritative, gubernatorial.
controlling (adjective)
directing (adjective)
master (adjective)
principal, ruling, commanding, head, star, Presiding, master, directing, leading, senior.
powerful (adjective)


collectivist, bicameral, governmental, democratic, federal, colonialist, absolutist, autonomous. central, paramount, informal, tiered, structural, regnant, structured, self-regulatory, established, Dominative, flat, over, preponderant. normative, social, self-imposed, socially. act (noun)
governance, government, government activity.
governing (noun)
dominant, government, governance, government activity.


commanding (verb)
gripping, holding, Charging, swaying, reigning, grasping, coordinating.
controlling (verb)
controlling, dominating, piloting, ruling, leading, Administering, Bridling, Presiding, Disciplining, commanding, directing, Superintending, supervising, ordering, executing, Managing, Overseeing, Restraining, steering, Harnessing.
directing (verb)
conducting, Bossing, mastering, Lording.
mastering (verb)

Other synonyms:

autonomous, regnant, normative, governmental, Dominative, self-imposed, absolutist, federal, structured, executive, self-regulatory, collectivist, regulatory, bicameral, democratic, colonialist. established, absolute, tiered, authoritative, preponderant, structural. paramount, central. socially. informal. social. flat. executive
Other relevant words:
bicameral, flat, Checking, supervisory, federal, preponderant, administrative, established, regnant, determining, executive, government activity, social, government, guiding, dominant, gubernatorial, Restraining, in the ascendant, influential, potent, absolutist, regal, informal, supreme, paramount, democratic, governmental, structural, regulatory, tiered, ascendant, authoritative, absolute, governance, Dominative.

Usage examples for governing

  1. 181. " The same conjunction governing both the indicative and the subjunctive moods, in the same sentence, and in the same circumstances, seems to be a great impropriety." – The Grammar of English Grammars by Goold Brown