Synonyms for Bill:


bus, cellar, tab, BYO, all-you-can-eat, booth, brown-bag. case law, claim, Chapter 11, civil law, paper money, bylaw, long green, civil liberties, skin, Chapter 7, civil rights. rate, proposal, cost, act, offer, expense, price, fee, outlay, law. insist on something, plead, appeal, advertisement, folder, ask for, order, beg, invite, demand. allegation, borrowings, declaration, liability, home loan, debit, bad debt, due, balance, indictment, debt, arrears. collar, down, be satisfactory, comb, serve the purpose, satisfy, feather, gizzard, cockscomb. encore, interval, repertoire, finale, material, curtain call, pay, reckoning, opener, grand finale, intermission. program, planned, prospectus, words, syllabus. sign, show, billboard. enactment, assize, legislation, Lex, statute. request. account (noun)
account of charges; money owed (noun)
debt, iou, statement, invoice, tab, score, note, reckoning, check.
accusation (noun)
beak (noun)
neb, mandible, nib, projection.
beak of animal (noun)
neb, mandible, nib, projection.
bill (noun)
banknote, bank note, nib, broadsheet, flyer, broadside, beak, posting, invoice, bank bill, poster, account, visor, vizor, government note, neb, eyeshade, notice, billhook, circular, flier, charge, handbill, placard, greenback, banker's bill, federal reserve note, measure, note, throwaway, peak.
communication (noun)
list (noun)
check, dictionary, count, catalog, calendar, list, Bank book, file, roll, journal, index, lexicon, ledger, treasury, table, inventory, detail, registry, history, repertory, invoice, account, recount, scroll, novel, log, thesaurus, docket, budget, itemization, album, annual, roster, notebook, record, tablet, documentation, workbook, census, sum, manifest, book, tally, score, yearbook, summary, chronicle, enumeration, collection, register, logbook, statement, waybill, daybook, schedule, total, menu, tabulate, pad, cash book, diary, annals, store, recording, blank-book, Storybook, digest, scrapbook.
list; circular (noun)
flyer, notice, schedule, handbill, placard, advertisement, program, roster, poster, syllabus, inventory.
money (noun)
cash, worth, purse, capital, bullion, fortune, draft, iou, promissory note, bankroll, scratch, copper, money, treasure, nugget, wallet, currency, issue, wampum, spending money, profit, ingot, stock, dough, coupon, note, sterling, dollar, petty cash, change, wealth, greenback, income, moolah, lucre, net worth, wherewithal, gross, money order, loot, silver, funds, pounds, wad, balance sheet, proceeds, coinage, bank note, receipts, pocket money, assets, bond, ways and means, swag, gold.
paper money (noun)
piece of legislation (noun)
draft, act, measure, proposal.
piece of paper money (noun)
currency, skin, greenback, long green, bank note, dollar.
poster (noun)


advertise (verb)
charge money for goods, services (verb)
record, debit.
possession (verb)

Other synonyms:

Federal Reserve note
federal reserve note.
bylaw, outlay, advertisement, cost, paper money, arrears, gizzard, curtain call, fee, civil rights, cockscomb, debt, assize, cellar, Lex, BYO, rate, bad debt, price, case law, encore, civil liberties, order, expense, all-you-can-eat, feather, booth, civil law. bread, bus, act, opener, offer, statute, declaration, prospectus, debit, repertoire, finale, billboard, enactment, grand finale, indictment, mandible, legislation. law, interval, liability, tab. comb, claim. due. sign, program, material. collar, balance. down. charge
reckoning, charge.
Other relevant words:
banknote, broadsheet, collar, government note, balance, banker's bill, cockscomb, cost, all-you-can-eat, proposal, measure, debit, act, notice, outlay, expense, interval, allegation, law, indictment, legislation, flier, gizzard, due, eyeshade, projection, federal reserve note, neb, feather, syllabus, nib, liability, poster, assize, price, charge, placard, reckoning, paper money, bad debt, booth, bylaw, opener, order, visor, cellar, program, advertisement, peak, Lex, billhook, posting, vizor, handbill, long green, show, beak, skin, prospectus, declaration, sign, rate, tab, circular, statute, down, fee, bus, bank bill, enactment, flyer, broadside, claim, debt, billboard, BYO, mandible, folder, throwaway, encore.

Usage examples for bill

  1. " It must be meant for Bill ses the cook. – Short Cruises by W.W. Jacobs
  2. Bill was well away. – The Law-Breakers by Ridgwell Cullum
  3. " That's the truth of the whole matter," he said, speaking directly to Bill – The Gringos by B. M. Bower