Synonyms for Cape:


bomber jacket, jetty, anorak, head, duffel coat, land, finger, arm, bolero, mole, dj, point, peninsula, headland, promontory. bay, bight, beach, coastline, Bund, mantilla, bank, cardinal, coast, catchment area, basin. artifact (noun)
cape (noun)
mantle, ness.
clothing (noun)
corset, clothing, gown, greatcoat, topcoat, habit, beret, sarong, bowler, tunic, clothes, brassiere, pinafore, trench coat, bonnet, duds, poncho, jumper, pea coat, evening gown, wrapper, pull over, dinner jacket, sports coat, jersey, afghan, dressing gown, camisole, pajamas, cloak, skirt, attire, tuxedo, frock, shorts, stockings, smoking jacket, chemise, slacks, blouse, parka, overcoat, pants, scarf, housecoat, blue jeans, raincoat, outfit, jacket, raiment, pillbox, t-shirt, fez, bathrobe, headdress, fedora, crinoline, windbreaker, turtle-neck, sari, trimming, kimono, caftan, fur, robe, chapeau, shirt, stetson, homburg, slicker, garb, vesture, blazer, array, sweater, smock, hat, suit, boot, petticoat, halter, dress, garment, footgear, trousers, kilt, mackintosh, apparel, ensemble, panties, coat, shawl, burnoose, pyjamas, v neck, doublet, sweat shirt, ulster, sweat suit, wrap, nightgown, costume, vestment, shoes.
headland (noun)
ness, promontory.
object (noun)
promontory (noun)
promontory into water (noun)
head, arm, headland, finger, point, jetty, mole, ness, peninsula.
sleeveless coat (noun)
cloak, cardinal, poncho, mantilla, mantle, shawl, wrap, wrapper.

Other synonyms:

Bund, bomber jacket, coastline, duffel coat, anorak, promontory, bolero. dj, beach, coast, catchment area. basin. bank. bay. point. bluff
Other relevant words:
coast, ness, coastline, bank, jetty, point, finger, arm, mantle, Bund, cardinal, mantilla, peninsula, mole, promontory, headland, head.

Usage examples for cape

  1. " It's what we always do on the Cape – Aurora the Magnificent by Gertrude Hall
  2. " Yes; I saw you mend it at Cape May," she answered, the words forced from her, apparently, without her volition. – The Fatal Glove by Clara Augusta Jones Trask
  3. From this point the ships sailed again to Anticosti and reached the extreme western cape of that island. – The Mariner of St. Malo: A Chronicle of the Voyages of Jacques Cartier by Stephen Leacock