Synonyms for Turning point:


the point of no return, breaking point, peak, crossroads, the moment of truth, highlight. crossroad, decide, head, juncture, Exigence, zero hour, pass, climacteric. contingency (noun)
crisis (noun)
exigency, predicament, crucial point, climax, emergency, key point, strait, critical moment, crux, crisis.
critical juncture (noun)
culmination, peak, emergency, critical moment, crux, climax, climacteric, crossroads, zero hour, juncture, strait, crisis, exigency, pass.
critical point (noun)
crucial point.
difficulty (noun)
event (noun)
flash point (noun)
critical moment.
peak (noun)
culmination, rubicon, juncture.
predicament (noun)
turning point (noun)
corner, street corner, landmark.

Other synonyms:

crossroads, breaking point. zero hour, climacteric. Exigence, crossroad. highlight. head. peak. point in time
Other relevant words:
head, climacteric, culmination, crossroads, Exigence, peak, crossroad, zero hour, juncture, landmark, pass, street corner, corner.