Synonyms for Commanding:


all (adjective)
dominating, overlooking.
authoritative (adjective)
autocratic, authoritarian, effectual, imperious, arrogant, influential, potent, imperative, dictatorial, strong, authoritative, impressive, masterful, effective, important, consequential, powerful.
influential (adjective)
senior, ruling, important, predominant, prejudicial, influential, leading, powerful, authoritative, controlling, motivational, supreme, masterful.
master (adjective)
star, head, principal, senior, leading, Presiding, ruling, master, governing, directing.
powerful (adjective)
forceful, powerful, controlling, strong, vigorous, energetic, puissant, formidable, authoritative, mighty, high-powered, potent, elevated, competent, masterful.
superior (adjective)
ascendant, supreme, predominant, crowning, furthest, better, consummate, senior, dominant, ruling, Headmost, choice, zenith, most, king, quintessential, controlling, sovereign, signal, superior, chief, A 1, leading, eminent, paramount, master, champion, maximum, chosen, elite, above, furthermost, best, uppermost, foremost.
superior, authoritative (adjective)
dictatorial, dominating, dominant, controlling, peremptory, forceful, autocratic, impressive, imperious.


elevated, topmost, upper, high up, aloft. budding, up-and-coming, healthy, bright, feasible, administrative, sure-fire, sure, promising, rosy, likely. over. regnant, preponderant, Dominative. commanding (noun)
imperative, peremptory, overlooking, high, top-ranking, ranking, dominating, top-level, superior.


commanding (verb)
grasping, holding, reigning, gripping, coordinating, Charging.
controlling (verb)
steering, supervising, executing, piloting, Bridling, Harnessing, Overseeing, Disciplining, Superintending, Presiding, Administering, Managing, directing, dominating, ordering, governing.
directing (verb)
mastering, Bossing, Lording, conducting.
dominating (verb)
prevailing, Surmounting, succeeding, conquering, subordinating, bettering, Vanquishing, Triumphing, Oppressing, Overcoming, winning.
empowering (verb)
invigorating, rousing, strengthening, Enforcing, energizing.
influencing (verb)
swaying, pressuring, Biasing, motivating, Authorizing, affecting, powering, Prejudicing, Influencing, Predominating, Empowering.
mastering (verb)

Other synonyms:

regnant, Dominative. preponderant. executive
Other relevant words:
high, elevated, overlooking, preponderant, peremptory, top-ranking, regnant, imperative, Dominative, administrative, ranking, top-level.

Usage examples for commanding

  1. When for a moment there is silence, a single, clear, commanding voice is heard, " Long live Frederick the Great!" – Berlin and Sans-Souci by Louise Muhlbach
  2. It was a grand old building, standing on a cross road about three miles from the turnpike, and commanding quite an extensive view of the country around. – 'Lena Rivers by Mary J. Holmes
  3. The view of the Jungfrau was of course more commanding here than it was down at the inn. – Rollo in Switzerland by Jacob Abbott