Synonyms for Patron:


food bank, fund, aid worker, aid agency, charity, foundation, Jaycee, purchaser, care, fundraiser. booking, bookable, late checkout, check-in, book in, check out, check into, homestay. benefactor (noun)
contributor, helper, patroness, philanthropist, mentor, sponsor, Donator, protector, samaritan, guarantor, donor, provider, Aider, Good Samaritan, alms-giver, savior, friend in need, grantor, benefactor.
customer (noun)
consumer, customer, client, buyer, shopper.
enthusiast (noun)
addict, fan, fancier, nut, fiend, supporter, enthusiast, freak, buff, zealot, devotee, aficionado, connoisseur.
insurer (noun)
patron (noun)
sponsor, supporter, frequenter.
person who does business at establishment (noun)
client, purchaser, frequenter, shopper, customer, buyer.
person who supports a cause (noun)
guarantor, fan, defender, supporter, sponsor, advocate, helper, backer, benefactor, partisan, philanthropist, protector, leader, guide, sympathizer, angel.
philanthropist (noun)
subscriber (noun)

Other synonyms:

check into, homestay, book in, late checkout, employer, bookable. purchaser, sympathizer, booking, angel, check-in. check out. sponsor

Usage examples for patron

  1. Surely she is the patron saint of the young pines and of all others who know how to enjoy a good old- fashioned winter. – Old Plymouth Trails by Winthrop Packard
  2. A grand procession is being formed in honour of that Saint, probably the patron of the place. – The Roman Question by Edmond About
  3. His manner toward the chauffeur was not pleasant, being a combination of the patron and the bully. – The Stolen Singer by Martha Idell Fletcher Bellinger