Synonyms for Boarder:


grader, patron, resident, classmate, dropout, monitor, head boy, head girl, A student, old boy, star boarder, paying guest, old girl, diner. denizen, company, house guest, caller, stag, guest of honor, visiting fireman, guest, visitor. boarder (noun)
lodger, roomer.
lodger (noun)
paying guest, visitor, diner, patron, roomer, guest.
person (noun)
lodger, roomer.

Other synonyms:

head boy, diner, head girl, house guest, grader, classmate, visiting fireman, A student, denizen, caller. monitor, stag, guest. visitor.

Usage examples for boarder

  1. A boarder at the hotel. – Herbert Carter's Legacy by Horatio Alger
  2. Whenever a new boarder arrived, the unfortunate bishop was disinterred and brandished before his eyes. – Patricia Brent, Spinster by Herbert Jenkins
  3. If there be two boarders on the same flat, and the amount of side of the one be equal to the amount of side of the other, each to each, and the wrangle between one boarder and the landlady be equal to the wrangle between the landlady and the other, then shall the weekly bills of the two boarders be equal also, each to each. – Literary Lapses by Stephen Leacock