Synonyms for Guide:


pioneer, leader, explorer, help out, modernist, convoy, director, get through, conductor, escort, help, assist, benefit, support, get behind, superintendent, nurse, vanguard, courier, captain. model, example, deliver, come, pattern, haul off, design, walk. shepherd, manage, govern, command, supervise, route, look after, watch over. enjoin someone to do something, urge, would, control, preach, jockey, give someone a steer. budge, propel, shunt, advance, manhandle, roll. back seat driver, Dutch Uncle, consultant, adviser, career coach, elder, council, careline. compressor, converter, balance, convertor, charger, boiler, calculator, agitator, carriage, blower. agritourism, gondolier, high season, attraction, ecotourism, beauty spot, heritage center. biography, bestseller, annual, blook, bible, atlas, authority, almanac, autobiography, anthology. rating, par, criterion, baseline, standard, quality, gauge, quality assurance. focus, filter, bend, bathe, reflect, flood, catch, waver. angel (noun)
spirit, Cherubim, archangel, Seraphim, guardian angel, daemon, demon, angel, guardian, cherub.
gauge (noun)
guide (noun)
manoeuvre, conduct, guide on, templet, channelize, run, head, steer, direct, pass, point, usher, take, guidebook, lead, draw, template, scout, channelise, maneuver, pathfinder.
information, instructions (noun)
signal, guidebook, bible, mark.
person (noun)
something that or someone who leads (noun)
standard, convoy, captain, design, pioneer, model, escort, example, vanguard, lead, leader, director, adviser, pathfinder, counselor, conductor, scout, mentor, superintendent, pilot, criterion, usher, teacher, pattern, guru.
support (noun)
teacher (noun)
guru, educator, coach, advisor, instructor, schoolmistress, tutor, professor, counselor, master, trainer, mentor, teacher, headmaster, schoolmaster, lecturer.


advise (verb)
consult, encourage, suggest, advise, warn, cue, notify, instruct, caution, admonish, inform, brief, advocate, recommend, prompt, direct, confer, counsel.
contact (verb)
run, draw, pass.
direct, lead (verb)
steer, manage, navigate, educate, train, counsel, route, teach, instruct, supervise, maneuver, conduct, govern, advise, shepherd, command, control.
indicate (verb)
stamp, gesture, symbolize, indicate, designate, wave, shrug, denote, motion, signal, flag, brand, tag, alert, betoken, point out, gesticulate, nudge, beckon, ticket, mark, nod, note, point, wink, label.
navigate (verb)
pilot, maneuver, navigate, cruise, float, drift, sail.
social (verb)
teach (verb)
educate, imbue, indoctrinate, lecture, school, enlighten, edify, instill, teach, inculcate, train, drill.

Other synonyms:

propel, get through, beauty spot, high season, preach, benefit, would, heritage center, bible, assist, gondolier, manage, pattern, get behind, leader, help, manhandle, help out, agritourism, budge, captain, courier. support, shunt, conductor, attraction, roll, walk, jockey, model, shepherd. escort, urge. advance. director. accompany
look after.
watch over.
Other relevant words:
conduct, lead, control, govern, run, leader, adviser, escort, manoeuvre, usher, steer, shepherd, advisor, manage, consultant.

Usage examples for guide

  1. Through him I had an understanding with my new guide and set out again. – Incidents of Travel in Yucatan, Vol. I. by John L. Stephens
  2. " Just leave it to the pownies," the guide says. – The Two Destinies by Wilkie Collins
  3. The colonel was but to him the loving guide who had led him to the heavenly kingdom. – The Golden House by Mrs. Woods Baker