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apologize (verb)

plead, answer, confess, repent, apologize, regret, atone.

Other synonyms:

throw, book, interpret, brook, go for, stick out, ward off, symbolize, obey, back, symbolise, raise, plump for, underpin, surrender, admit, exculpate, withhold, correspond, push, map, take, watch over, stave off, harbor, maintain, view as, hold, stick up for, have got, nourish, nurse, fend off, beat off, mine, take up, forfend, hold back, celebrate, crusade, plunk for, give, concur, entrench, stage, prevail, carry on, exert, take hold, allow, take for, put up, meet, detain, match, enter, obligate, indorse, abandon, yield, controvert, make up, reserve, harbour, aid, care for, check, defy, patronize, keep back, carry, patronage, counterbalance, bear out, speak for, moderate, agree, endorse, make, curb, deem, duel, vindicate, warrant, contest, asseverate, obtain, cite, abide, contain, advocate, take in, endure, suffer, tolerate, keep up, stand for, conduct, claim, escort, press, hedge, fence, restrain, cover up for, convoy, exonerate, stand up for, leave, substantiate, retain, convict, constitute, recommend, foster, halt, patronise, bolster, charge, keep, keep going, watch, champion, attack, guarantee, appear, insure, comprise, control, declare, wield, refrain, espouse, pit, hold up, call, agitate, house, assert, be, bear, bulwark, fight back, apply, represent, accommodate, second, keep off, fight, fight down, race, act, play, keep (a) watch, guard, corroborate, bring before, ride, bring, arraign, campaign, accuse, appeal, support, have, typify, digest, concord, subscribe, cherish, play off, adjudge, exemplify, fulfil, confine, fend for, observe, present, hold in, confirm, garrison, lay out, oppose, oblige, bind, look after, back up, entertain, rationalize, arrest, befriend, stomach, affirm.

Examples of usage:

" Master, we are safe," said he, " if we can defend ourselves for a few minutes. - "Tales & Novels, Vol. IX [Contents: Harrington; Thoughts on Bores; Ormond]", Maria Edgeworth.

We shall remain with you at our post to defend your interests. - "A Journey Through France in War Time", Joseph G. Butler, Jr..

But let the king remember him and send fifty men as a garrison to defend the country. - "Early Israel and the Surrounding Nations", Archibald Sayce.

Similar words:

speech defect, mass defect, self-defence, Deliberate Defence, self-defense, deliberate defense, Missile Defence System, secretary of defense, missile defense system, department of defense.

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