Synonyms for Audience:


sponsor, follower, ideologue, sympathizer, following, adherent, house, advocate, exponent, proponent, attendance, public, friend, supporter. archive, archivist, conversation, carrel, bookmobile, conference, annals, accession, art gallery, card catalog. copywriter, creative, Madison Avenue, Billposter, like, creative director, advertiser, adman, front man, marketer. briefing, assembly, appointment, conclave, AGM, caucus, audioconferencing, colloquium, annual meeting. floor, mosh pit, concertgoer, moviegoer, captive audience, the gate, full house, box office. audience (noun)
interview, consultation, hearing.
group observing an entertainment or sporting event (noun)
following, public, house, assembly.
hearing (noun)
consultation, interview, conversation, conference.
spectator (noun)
looker, onlooker, bystander, perceiver, sightseer, spectator, rubberneck, witness, eyewitness, voyeur, watcher, beholder, observer, viewer, passerby, Gazer, looker-on.

Other synonyms:

carrel, concertgoer, moviegoer, conclave, archivist, adman, full house, caucus, appointment, briefing, marketer, card catalog, colloquium, mosh pit, AGM, creative director, audioconferencing, Madison Avenue, annual meeting, art gallery, Billposter, annals, captive audience, bookmobile, advertiser, copywriter. conference, attendance, box office, creative, following, front man, archive. accession. sponsor, assembly, floor. house. Other relevant words:
archivist, carrel, assembly, AGM, attendance, creative, like, conference, marketer, ideologue, interview, friend, colloquium, appointment, briefing, adman, advertiser, sympathizer, audioconferencing, accession, copywriter, following, exponent, floor, conclave, supporter, advocate, sponsor, archive, bookmobile, concertgoer, proponent, hearing, house, annals, Billposter, public, moviegoer, caucus, conversation, consultation, follower, adherent.

Usage examples for audience

  1. Some are from the stage, some from the audience – A Man's Hearth by Eleanor M. Ingram
  2. All things considered, I could pay very little attention to what was going on, either in the audience or on the stage. – Kitty's Conquest by Charles King