Synonyms for Declare:


impart, avow, promulgate, bring forward, hide, give out, inform, set forth, stress, publish, address, issue, put forward, swear, repeat, equivocate, argue, reassure, air, render, advocate, protest, insist, report, tell, enunciate. convey, notify, 1099, list, chancellor of the exchequer, audit, represent, claw back, allowance, corporate welfare, contradict, the Boston Tea Party, name, 1040 form, chargeable, deny, conceal. knowledge, frame, chorus, declaim, gasp out, put, phrase, mouth, chirp, pant, words. utter, voice, articulate, talk, verbalize, vocalize, vent. declare (noun)
adjudge, announce, hold.


affirm (verb)
assert, certify, promise, support, approve, accept, affirm, corroborate, endorse, warrant, express, avouch, submit, validate, admit, acknowledge, ratify, verify, proclaim, assure, sustain, state, set down, propound, attest, maintain, claim, pledge, pronounce, adjure, contend, profess, testify, aver.
believe (verb)
gather, suppose, put faith in, judge, believe, assume, surmise, take for granted, assent, trust, deem, understand, presume, give faith, conclude, hold, credit.
claim as possession (verb)
divulge, admit, avouch, represent, impart, indicate.
disclose (verb)
advertise, reveal, disclose, confess, communicate, broadcast, announce, brief, uncloak, unmask, disseminate, divulge.
evince (verb)
confirm, exemplify, determine, evince, authenticate, witness, betoken, demonstrate, indicate, connote, exhibit, depose, illustrate, observe, manifest, establish, adduce, document, prove, vouch, substantiate.
make known clearly or officially (verb)
aver, state, promulgate, put forward, acknowledge, affirm, pronounce, certify, argue, enunciate, reveal, advocate, convey, assert, set forth, proclaim, notify, bring forward, announce, repeat, propound, disclose, stress, demonstrate, claim, maintain, inform, testify, avow, contend, confirm, swear, confess, give out, attest, validate, render, vouch, profess, tell, insist, manifest, publish.

Other synonyms:

insist, bring forward, chirp, gasp out, issue, verbalize. vocalize, pant. vent. render, phrase. argue, chorus, voice. convey, mouth, talk. put, address. frame. affirm
set forth, evince.
throw out
bring forward.
Other relevant words:
hide, chirp, allowance, address, phrase, protest, issue, argue, represent, chorus, deny, notify, convey, report, impart, contradict, chargeable, put forward, voice, swear, publish, promulgate, talk, give out, name, frame, insist, render, audit, vocalize, equivocate, set forth, air, adjudge, inform, tell, 1099, repeat, declaim, articulate, knowledge, bring forward, pant, mouth, words, list, avow, utter, vent, put, reassure, advocate, enunciate, stress, verbalize.

Usage examples for declare

  1. Does it refuse to declare itself? – The White Wolf and Other Fireside Tales by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  2. " I declare I exclaimed, laughing, " I forgot to tell you." – A Day Of Fate by E. P. Roe
  3. For I have heard him declare more than once 'pon my soul, I have- that he would rather you were his friend than his enemy. – Richard Carvel, Complete by Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 5, 2009