Synonyms for Rear:


all (adjective)
back (adjective)
back, end (adjective)
behind, hind, tail, rearmost, rearward, postern, posterior, hindmost, after, stern.
end (adjective)
last (adjective)
rear (adjective)
stern, posterior, backside, tail, back, bottom.


in front, in the background, face, opposite, rearmost, past, at someone's heels, up front, back seat. bevel, precede, apex, brim, confines, bump, tag end, edge, corner. cheek. buttock, pick up, over, kick up, soar, heave, bun. beach, bristle, buck, burrow, gore, postern, after, cast, frisk, claw, bite. custody, potty-train, custodial, the empty nest, hothouse, rein. back (noun)
back, tail, hindmost, end, posterior, bottom, aftermost.
back or end part (noun)
backside, hindquarters, rear end, butt, rump, bottom, end, back seat, back end, tail end, back, tush, seat, buttocks.
bottom (noun)
tush, buttock.
buttocks (noun)
butt, behind.
rear (noun)
bring up, hind, back, derriere, backside, hind end, tush, buns, caboose, parent, stern, can, prat, keister, behind, seat, tooshie, rise, back end, fanny, buttocks, bottom, posterior, bum, tail, rear end, set up, raise, nurture, lift, put up, nates, rump, hindquarters, fundament, tail end, butt, rearward, rise up, erect.


build (verb)
erect, put up, set up.
elevate (verb)
erect, lift, heighten, levitate, hoist, exalt, uplift, escalate, raise, upraise, rise, elevate.
lift, rise (verb)
hoist, pick up, uplift, soar, upraise, raise, elevate.
motion (verb)
rise up.
raise young (verb)
nurture, bring up.
stative (verb)
rise, lift.

Other synonyms:

custody, up front, tag end, rearmost, the empty nest, postern, buttock. past, hothouse, after, rein. lift up
put up.
rear end.

Usage examples for rear

  1. Of a sudden I saw what my father's life- work had been: to rear a court to people Rougemont. – The Lost Door by Dorothy Quick
  2. It is plainly the brakeman's business to keep the front half of the train out of the way of the rear half. – Careers of Danger and Daring by Cleveland Moffett