Synonyms for Governor:


cabinet minister, chief executive, chancellor of the exchequer, agent, chief minister, assemblyman, assemblywoman, chancellor, alderman, alderwoman. dictator, figurehead, enforcer, alarm, the Establishment, chieftain, demagogue, employer, autocrat, valve. credit union, counting house, clearing bank, bank, the Fed, building society, central bank, clearinghouse, banker, the FDIC. guidance counselor, lunch lady, bursar, governing body. artifact (noun)
authority (noun)
custodian (noun)
official, gamekeeper, caretaker, keeper, warder, proctor, custodian, steward, guardian, curator, guard, ranger, jailer, functionary, turnkey.
director (noun)
baron, administrator, boss, foreman, conductor, queen, king, overseer, superintendent, overlord, supervisor, mayor, taskmaster, general, magistrate, ringleader, band master, warden, ringmaster.
governor (noun)
master (noun)
landlady, proprietor, officer, mandarin, headmistress, captain, chief, master, commander, senior, titleholder, ruler, maestro, authority, lord, headmaster, manager, leader, principal, mother, quartermaster, executive, star, commandant, dean, landlord, director, kingpin, squire, sire, head, president, guru, proprietress, mahatma, abbot.
person administrating government (noun)
head, director, leader, commander, overseer, ruler, manager, boss, superintendent, administrator, supervisor, executive, chief.

Other synonyms:

guidance counselor, lunch lady, bursar, governing body. chancellor. Other relevant words:
chancellor, figurehead, demagogue, alarm, dictator, bursar, autocrat, bank, alderman, regulator, employer, enforcer, assemblyman, chieftain, valve, banker, clearinghouse, agent, alderwoman, assemblywoman.

Usage examples for governor

  1. To these the Governor said:- " Go, tell the Great Chief that I request an interview with himself, because I desire that peace should be between us, and that justice should be done. – The Settler and the Savage by R.M. Ballantyne