Synonyms for Maintain:


spend, disburse, pay out, finance, pay, put up, invest in, fund, bear the cost/expense etc.. vouch for, point to, show, prove, make/prove your/a point, report. dial-up, host, flame, bookmark, browse, hook up, chat, provide for, facebook, download. stay with, contact, hear from, correspond, touch base, be in touch (with someone), cut out the middleman, silence, see the last of someone/something. overhaul, darn, heal, fix up, heel, do up, patch, mend. vindicate, apologize, regularize, level, standardize, justify, jog along, stay. argue. maintain (noun)
uphold, hold, exert, observe, conserve, preserve, defend, asseverate, keep, assert, wield, sustain, keep up.


affirm (verb)
support, pronounce, admit, avouch, submit, corroborate, claim, adjure, certify, ratify, warrant, attest, verify, declare, contend, acknowledge, assert, state, proclaim, promise, profess, aver, propound, testify, assure, endorse, validate, pledge, accept, approve, set down, express, affirm.
assert, claim; argue for (verb)
state, stand by, hold, profess, justify, report, aver, attest, right, affirm, persist, vindicate, defend, contend, declare, asseverate.
believe (verb)
understand, surmise, suppose, gather, deem, trust, believe, presume, conclude, assume, assent, credit, give faith, hold, judge, put faith in, take for granted.
care for, keep up (verb)
support, repair, renew, persevere, keep, save, control, protect, finance, continue, conserve, guard, sustain, preserve, prolong, uphold, retain.
communication (verb)
conserve (verb)
save, preserve, reserve, conserve, keep.
consumption (verb)
keep, sustain.
continue (verb)
protract, abide, persevere, extend, persist, continue, sustain, prolong.
order (verb)
plot, integrate, systematize, plan, rationalize, set, frame, form, rank, schematize, chart, sort, separate, sift, shape, cast, normalize, prepare, compose, right, harmonize, type, balance, order, group, categorize, schedule, program, array, collate, scheme, stratify, regulate, mediate, establish, screen, class, grade, structure, Methodize, place, orchestrate, classify, fix, pigeonhole, design, unify, control, stabilize, rate, settle, subordinate, marshal, adjust, score, organize, arrange, devise, unsnarl.
possession (verb)
protect (verb)
shelter, cover, protect, guard, safeguard, defend, shield, secure.
retain (verb)
retain, prevent, hinder.

Other synonyms:

jog along, standardize, facebook, argue, regularize. hear from, apologize, justify, chat, overhaul, browse, dial-up, repair. mend, download, hook up, bookmark, darn. correspond, silence. vindicate, set-aside, heal. do up. heel, stay. patch. contact, host. level. approve
care for.
point to.

Usage examples for maintain

  1. No Christian will maintain that his knowledge is perfect. – Outlines of a Philosophy of Religion based on Psychology and History by Auguste Sabatier
  2. I maintain that the responsibility for the delay in erecting houses falls directly upon the Government, but for whose action house- building might have been proceeded with, and the present unemployment would not have grown to the extent it has. – From Crow-Scaring to Westminster; an Autobiography by George Edwards M.P., O.B.E.
  3. With their forces increased by two the girls were not afraid to maintain their camp. – The Blue Envelope by Roy J. Snell