Synonyms for Fixture:


alcove, balcony, beading, bay, body, cornerstone, catacombs, brickwork, ceiling. ritual, tendency, habit, common practice, custom, as is someone's wont, way of life, take to, routine, daily life. accompaniment (noun)
adjunct, accompaniment, auxiliary, appendage, consort, extension, attachment, garnish, ornament, appurtenance, brother, secondary, addition, lieutenant, companion, appendix, extra, accessory, addendum, adornment, second.
attachment (noun)
equipment, connection, installation, faucet, fitting, plumbing, apparatus, electric fixture, light fixture, gas fixture, head, convenience, plumbing fixture, castings, switch, plug, outlet, tap, Bibcock, appliance.
fitting, appliance (noun)
accessory, equipment, appendage, attachment, appurtenance.
fixture (noun)
fix, fixedness, secureness, habitue, repair, fastness, fixity, reparation, regular, fixing, mending.

Other synonyms:

head. tap
Other relevant words:
custom, appliance, faucet, habitue, fixing, convenience, fix, mending, tap, reparation, apparatus, fastness, electric fixture, fixity, regular, repair, connection, fixedness, secureness, plumbing, outlet, equipment, gas fixture, fitting, installation.

Usage examples for fixture

  1. She had no central point of fixture and no system of radiation. – Some Forerunners of Italian Opera by William James Henderson