Synonyms for Protector:


champion, precaution, lifesaver. lookout, safety, sentinel, sentry, watch, picket, awareness, guard, ward. defense, safeguard, protection, security, attack, shield, preservation. benefactor (noun)
Good Samaritan, Donator, contributor, friend in need, benefactor, patroness, alms-giver, helper, savior, donor, Aider, patron, guarantor, supporter, mentor, samaritan, grantor, sponsor, provider.
caretaker (noun)
tutelary, guardian.
champion (noun)
counsel, guard, advocate, upholder, tutelary, bulwark guide, philosopher, guardian angel, big sister, genius, angel, cover, front, sympathizer, promoter, stand by, safeguard, partisan, second, tower of strength in time of need, shield, backer, friend at court, mediator, big brother, friend Maecenas, abettor.
guardian (noun)
backer, abettor, patron, safeguard, sympathizer, promoter, sponsor, angel, guardian angel, guard, savior, advocate, champion, shield, partisan, defender, supporter, benefactor.
protector (noun)
defender, shielder, guardian.
sentry (noun)

Other synonyms:

precaution, guardian angel. shield, lifesaver, sentinel, champion. picket, protection, preservation. defense. lookout, security, safeguard. ward. defender
stand by.
Other relevant words:
champion, advocate, sentry, front, shield, abettor, second, safeguard, backer, picket, tutelary, counsel, defender, security, lookout, defense, philosopher, promoter, angel, mediator, protection, safety, attack, upholder, preservation, shielder, guardian, sentinel, guardian angel, partisan, guard, lifesaver, precaution, ward, awareness, friend at court, genius, cover, sympathizer, watch.