Synonyms for Tied:


binding (adjective)
bound (adjective)
glued, closed, clinched, bound, Hinged, laced, Welded, fused, fastened, connected, Bracketed, strung, Strapped, coupled, Sutured, threaded, knotted, Cemented, linked, stitched, zipped, knit, pasted, chained, Buckled, Stayed.
mixed (adjective)
woven, fused.
tied (adjective)
neck and neck, bound, fixed, equal.


affordable housing, cohousing, council house, domicile, in-law apartment, Group Home, home unit, Doublewide, active adult community, gated community. freshen, head, jigger, brew, microbrewery, brewer, pour out, brewery, draft, mash. even (noun)
equal, neck and neck, alike.
firm (noun)
fixed, firm.


fastened (verb)
sewed, laced, Basted, Buckled, Hitched, fastened, clinched, pasted, zipped, Hinged, knitted, Sutured, bound, tethered, Lashed, woven, Stringed, chained, fused, Bracketed, sewn spliced, Plaited, coupled, braided, Welded, Weaved, Cemented, stitched, linked, knotted, Strapped, glued, Stayed, connected, Tacked.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
equal, fixed, neck and neck, alike, firm, bound.

Usage examples for tied

  1. Can you have him tied behind the school- house a little before nine o'clock? – Hidden Gold by Wilder Anthony
  2. But I feel like I was tied hand and foot. – A Hazard of New Fortunes by William Dean Howells