Synonyms for String:


fix, attach, join, secure. column, tier, restriction, confines, restraint, control, check, constraint, boundary, limitation, file, row, limit. arsenal, bale, bank, streak, assortment, batch, battery, suite, round, agglomeration. blue, ballplayer, specification, proviso, condition, center, back, stipulation, term, boy, all-American, limited, conference, reservation, backfield, qualification, center forward, provision. brass, instrument, musical instrument, tenor, consort, percussion, rhythm section, strings, stringed instrument, alto. clipboard, field, clip art, browse mode, edit, autoflow, automatic hyphenation, file format, autosave, bug. chain reaction, domino effect, proceedings, rash, pattern, process, avalanche. baseball, bat, beach ball, golf ball, basketball, birdie, bowling ball, handball, football, ball. bridge, drumstick, hammer, head, fret, key, damper, bow, bellows. rubber band, safety belt, holder. dangle, sling, hang out, cascade, droop, suspend. fix up, heel, mend, overhaul, maintain, patch, heal, do up, darn. strip, length, stick, spring, pole. artifact (noun)
cord (noun)
rope, catgut, sinew, cord, towline, shoelace, binding twine, lariat, umbilical cord, shoestring, lasso, gut, hamstring, tendon, rein, lead.
crew (noun)
clan, litter, tribe, fleet, host, body, clique, cadre, posse, squad, herd, league, company, bunch, colony, staff, gang, assemblage, platoon, battalion, force, army, troop, detail, brigade, outfit, group, bevy, complement, mob, cabal, hive, nest, coterie, circle, assembly, club, faction, ring, crowd, crew, junta, flock, union, fellowship, coalition, party, division, school, society, detachment, regiment, retinue, set, sect, team, wing, covey, collection, drove, aggregation, phalanx, cell, troupe, fraternity, caucus, pack.
fastener (noun)
catch, bond, zipper, glue, stay, fastener, agent, middleman, connector, paste, clinch, buckle, hawser, thread, rivet, belt, cotter, hinge, nail, cleat, skewer, hook, clip, coupling, twine, latch, brad, lace, hasp, binding, tie, binder, grapnel, link, clamp, stitch, knot, mediator, bracket, clasp, knitting, splice, braid, cement, strap, seal, brace, weld, fastening, spike, rabbet, suture, staple, anchor, lock, band, mucilage, chain, fuse, closure, cincture, bolt, guy, bonding, ligament, hitch, vise, go-between, Vinculum, tack, cinch, pin, medium, button, snap.
filament (noun)
fiber, hemp, yarn, flax, filament, floss, strand, cilium.
limit (noun)
line (noun)
long fiber (noun)
twist, cord, twine, strand, rope.
restraint (noun)
sequence (noun)
course, consequence, subsequence, progression, line, legacy, arrangement, succession, train, gamut, Consecution, linkage, lineage, series, concatenation, sequel, Consecutiveness, procession.
string (noun)
chain, bowed stringed instrument, drawstring, draw, thread, strand, string up, drawing string, twine, string along, train, linguistic string, string of words, word string.
succession, series (noun)
line, Consecution, tier, order, sequence, queue, file, procession, chain, sequel, rank, train, row.
tie (noun)
tie, zipper, ligament.
twine (noun)
underwear (noun)
brassiere, briefs, body suit, BVDS, boxers, bustier, camisole, bra, bloomers.


change (verb)
string up.
contact (verb)
draw, thread.
fasten (verb)
connect, fasten, knit, couple, zip, plait, baste, sew, weave, bind, tether, lash.
sequence (verb)
array, follow, order, concatenate, succeed, queue, align, rank, sort, arrange, sequence, progress.

Other synonyms:

rubber band, domino effect, droop. dangle, row, cascade, holder, tier, stipulation, pattern, chain reaction, hang out, safety belt, proviso. suspend, avalanche, rash, proceedings, column. reservation, specification, qualification. pole, process, file. provision, streak, length. term. sling, spring, condition. strip. stick. Other relevant words:
control, suite, length, fix, string of words, suspend, column, drawstring, condition, bow, join, secure, proviso, bridge, pattern, process, string up, restraint, twist, dangle, strip, word string, specification, term, draw, tier, round, battery, strings, string along, stipulation, droop, reservation, provision, qualification, file, row, bowed stringed instrument, drawing string, attach, restriction, bank, chain reaction, sling, streak, linguistic string.

Usage examples for string

  1. It ain't long till he's overseein' my whole string of hosses, just like he owns 'em. – Blister Jones by John Taintor Foote
  2. They had closed the door at the bottom, and he could not for a moment find the string of the latch. – The Red Cockade by Stanley J. Weyman