Synonyms for Sovereign:


absolute (adjective)
absolutist, autocratic.
all (adjective)
authoritative (adjective)
autonomous (adjective)
free, self-governing.
crowning (adjective)
dominant (adjective)
leading, foremost, governing, powerful.
noble (adjective)
regal, knightly, princely, august, imposing, lordly, grand, kingly, courtly, noble, baronial, heroic, magisterial, dignified, royal, majestic, distinguished, ladylike, imperial, queen-like, patrician, great, stately, celebrated, aristocratic.
political (adjective)
powerful (adjective)
high-powered, influential, important, formidable, powerful, autocratic.
sovereign (adjective)
chief, royal, ruling, commanding, absolute, ascendant, paramount, predominant, majestic, supreme, imperial, autonomous, independent, regal.
superior (adjective)
foremost, supreme, better, quintessential, controlling, paramount, signal, senior, choice, chosen, most, maximum, king, ascendant, furthermost, dominant, elite, master, eminent, ruling, Headmost, predominant, consummate, furthest, commanding, champion, best, chief, uppermost, above, leading, zenith, superior, crowning, A 1.


drachma, farthing, dependence, groat, guilder, deutschmark, fr, franc, crown, ducat, dm. Defender of the Faith, ma'am, sire, the Prince of Wales, the Queen, R, HRH, the Queen Mother, Rex, regina. chief (noun)
boss, president, commander.
crown (noun)
crowned head, supreme ruler.
monarch (noun)
autocrat, supreme ruler.
royalty (noun)
sovereign (noun)
free, king, autonomous, self-governing, supreme, crowned head, leader, monarch, autocrat, independent, dominant.
superior (noun)
premier, leader, commander, prima donna, aristocracy, superwoman, virtuoso, president, paragon, nobility, boss, champ, superman, victor, winner, exceller, prize winner, wonderwoman, prodigy, star.

Other synonyms:

crown. monarch

Usage examples for sovereign

  1. Mr. George handed the waiter a sovereign and asked him to get change for it in French money. – Rollo in Paris by Jacob Abbott
  2. Every sovereign sends a prince of the blood- royal for to- day. – Dawn of All by Robert Hugh Benson
  3. I never heard Jacobus leave the ship with every single sovereign of my ready cash in his pocket. – 'Twixt Land & Sea by Joseph Conrad