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Other synonyms:

token, lowest, minimal, stripped, merest, only, marginal, nominal, borderline, stripped-down, barely, group, mere, tokenish, slight, negligible, slightest, hairsbreadth, littlest, scant, lower limit, least, scattering, smallest, one or two, big, minority, fewest, minutest, bottom, tiniest.

Examples of usage:

This headland terminated in a small, rock- rimmed plateau, perhaps three acres in extent, and was so situated as to be practically impregnable against the attack of an ordinary force; the rim- rocks forming a natural barricade which reduced the necessity for artificial fortification to a minimum. - "The Gun-Brand", James B. Hendryx.

" You will say, we haven't even as much as this," she wrote, after she had stated what seemed to be the minimum income; then, triumphantly: " we have! - "The Iron Woman", Margaret Deland.

8. The corn- tax is to be regularly collected, so that three months' supply shall be the minimum in the camp granaries. - "Ismailia", Samuel W. Baker.

Similar words:

minimal, Peristedion Miniatum, minimal art, minim, mindful, minimise, minimize, Sebastodes Miniatus, Micromyx Minutus.

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