Synonyms for Subject:


all (adjective)
at the mercy of; answerable (adjective)
collateral, subjugated, servile, liable, subaltern, governed, obedient, enslaved, dependent, conditional, vulnerable, controlled, ruled, under, slavish, submissive, contingent, inferior, susceptible, subservient, likely, subordinate, directed, prone.
inferior (adjective)
below, under, dependent, subservient, second, lesser, subordinate, underling, junior, inferior.
subordinate (adjective)
enslaved, under, Subjected, supine, unfranchised, servile, subjugated, subservient, subordinate, enthralled, obedient, compliant, junior, deferent, constrained, dependent, bound, submissive.


under (adverb)


citizenship, the body politic, birthright, countrywoman, controlled, directed, citizen, compatriot, ruled, community, aboriginal, subaltern, governed, countryman, citizenry, slavish. allophone, accusative, part, adjunct, collateral, over, cleft sentence, clause, allomorph, collocate, antecedent, article. Susceptive, legend, homage, prone, format, commission, cherub, susceptible, likely, vulnerable, flavor, aesthetic, liable, draftsmanship. contingent, Animal Rights, chromatography, empirical, detection, relative, conditional, detect, start, control, anatomize, double blind, reliant, dissect, conditioned, biopiracy. under guard, in thrall to, stranded, subject to something, answerable, marooned, under someone's control/influence/spell. realm, specialty, line, scene, territory. ground, referent, item. communication (noun)
theme, topic.
grammar (noun)
wording, phraseology, phrase, structure, object, formulation, form, syntax, qualifier, usage, language, conjugation, predicate, grammar.
inferior (noun)
junior, menial.
inhabitant (noun)
issue, matter (noun)
topic, problem, point, theme, object, idea, gist, theorem, text, thesis, motif, argument, question, item.
meaning (noun)
explanation, message, relevance, implication, gist, connotation, description, significance, indication, drift, crux, meaning, interpretation, upshot, thrust, intent, purpose, denotation, tenor, definition, pith.
one under authority of another (noun)
serf, vassal.
servant (noun)
deputy, junior, lieutenant, volunteer, flunky, menial, assistant, underling, help, auxiliary, hand, employee, henchman, helper, laborer, aide, serf, servant, pawn, helpmate, helping hand, chattel, vassal, subordinate, worker, agent, aide-de-camp, aid, peon.
topic (noun)
consideration, inference, matter, idea, text, position, statement, question, hypothesis, opinion, theme, assertion, essay, query, argument, theorem, presumption, issue, assumption, thesis, postulation, paradigm, contention, premise, principle, motif, problem, axiom, basis, exposition, topic, dissertation, concept, point, belief, conjecture.


control (verb)
dominate, tame, govern, suppress, rule, restrain, lead captive, make subservient, Finlandize, hinder.
subordinate (verb)
constrain, enthrall, bind, enslave, subjugate.

Other synonyms:

referent, subaltern, reliant. conditioned, vulnerable. contingent, relative, realm. collateral, prone. scene, territory. ground. control

Usage examples for subject

  1. " If it's on the subject of this meeting, yes. – The Reclaimers by Margaret Hill McCarter
  2. I have something to say to you on this subject but have not room for it in this letter. – Records of a Girlhood by Frances Ann Kemble
  3. And I'll ask mother not to mention the subject either. – The Camp Fire Girls Across the Seas by Margaret Vandercook