Synonyms for Crisis:


havoc, escapade, minefield, threat, adventure, precipice, danger, a disaster waiting to happen. quagmire, ordeal, stress, trouble, battle, tragedy, nightmare, worst-case scenario. perforation, head, dehydration, Exigence, discharge, etiology, climacteric, hallucination, aetiology, complication, juncture, chill, crossroad, pass, zero hour, pathology, decide. safety, politics, extremity, flash point. case (noun)
crisis (noun)
crux, emergency, crucial point, critical moment, climax, turning point, key point, exigency, predicament, strait.
critical point (noun)
crucial point.
critical situation (noun)
trouble, impasse, necessity, crossroad, turning point, stew, pickle, contingency, disaster, mess, entanglement, quandary, dilemma, trial, change, puzzle, strait, deadlock, embarrassment, moment of truth, pass, pressure, plight, urgency, hour of decision, juncture, pinch, corner, trauma, climax, extremity, big trouble, emergency, predicament, crux, imbroglio, crunch, exigency, climacteric, perplexity.
crunch (noun)
hour of decision.
depression (noun)
big trouble.
difficulty (noun)
flash point (noun)
critical moment.
predicament (noun)
predicament, pass, pinch.
straits (noun)
big trouble, juncture, necessity, crossroads, critical juncture, trauma, pickle, contingency, embarrassment, mess, fix, stew, disaster, decisive moment, change, quandary, trial, dilemma, entanglement, moment of truth, pass, puzzle, plight, critical situation, hour of decision, kettle of fish, pinch, corner, urgency, clutch, imbroglio, decisive turn, extremity, pressure, deadlock, impasse, crunch, hot water, climacteric, perplexity.

Other synonyms:

precipice, minefield, havoc, zero hour, imbroglio, impasse, dilemma, mess, adventure, entanglement, nightmare, deadlock, escapade, ordeal, quagmire, plight, flash point. tragedy, etiology, complication, perplexity, pathology, hallucination. Exigence, crossroad, battle, perforation, extremity, dehydration. trial, trouble. head. stress. corner. fix, chill, discharge. point in time
Other relevant words:
urgency, juncture, imbroglio, trial, disaster, perplexity, pass, clutch, deadlock, extremity, minefield, escapade, havoc, flash point, contingency, safety, crossroad, necessity, ordeal, pinch, Exigence, pathology, chill, hallucination, crossroads, dilemma, crunch, battle, stew, threat, moment of truth, politics, tragedy, adventure, aetiology, plight, danger, entanglement, puzzle, dehydration, fix, change, discharge, corner, pressure, impasse, perforation, hour of decision, decide, critical juncture, trauma, quandary, quagmire, big trouble, precipice, stress, etiology, trouble, head, embarrassment, zero hour, complication, nightmare, mess, critical situation, climacteric, pickle.

Usage examples for crisis

  1. And there is hardly one of us who would not give his right hand if, in some crisis of his life, he had only had sense enough to tell the whole truth. – Comrade Yetta by Albert Edwards
  2. Every minute had its crisis – The Weavers, Complete by Gilbert Parker Last Updated: March 14, 2009
  3. I therefore wrote as fellows:- The crisis of my fate is come. – Ellen Middleton--A Tale by Georgiana Fullerton