Synonyms for Urgency:


desire, hankering, yearning, inclination, ache, thirst, urge, wish, longing, craving. compulsion (noun)
earnestness (noun)
exigency (noun)
seriousness, gravity, importance.
gravity (noun)
haste (noun)
bustle, abruptness, swiftness, Speediness, briskness, quickness, hurriedness, fastness, feverishness, flurry, impatience, fleetness, haste, rapidity.
hurry (noun)
haste, Speediness.
importance (noun)
predominance, eminence, weight, status, stress, significance, emphasis, priority.
urgency (noun)
stress, importance, urging, seriousness, importunity.

Other synonyms:

stress. Other relevant words:
urging, predominance, emphasis, significance, seriousness, importunity, urge, stress, gravity, weight, importance, priority.

Usage examples for urgency

  1. Its urgency indeed, is so great that if you miss it you will have missed reality itself. – A Journal of Impressions in Belgium by May Sinclair
  2. " There's a 'am in beautiful cut," she went on, showing by the urgency of her voice how anxious she was on the subject. – Orley Farm by Anthony Trollope