Synonyms for Rack:


ledge, stretcher, holder, pound, framework, stifle, bracket, counter, bother, frame, trouble, shelf, perch, whatnot, receptacle, trestle. baize, cue ball, bar billiards, boot, cushion, pool, pocket, cue, billiards. flog, chastise, corporal punishment, reward, beating, flogging, the birch, hiding. hassock, bookshelf, cheval glass, filing cabinet, coat peg, coatstand, console, footstool, dressing table, bookcase. artifact (noun)
wheel, stand.
baby bed (noun)
case (noun)
file, folio, hutch, scabbard, box, case, holster, container, capsule, casket, carton, bin, cedar chest, canister, quiver, portfolio, chest, crib, socket, crate, sheath, coffer.
frame, framework (noun)
shelf, bracket, counter, perch, stand, trestle, holder, receptacle, ledge, box.
pain (noun)
headache, Migraine, grief, agony, malaise, painfulness, chafing, Back Ache, infliction, inflammation, injury, ache, stab, suffering, wrench, distress, stitch, burn, irritation, torment, bruise, cramp, smarting, anguish, wound, gripe, affliction, sting, throe, pang, crick, throb, sore, pain, earache, discomfort, misery, bite, spasm, hurt, torture.
punishment device (noun)
birch rod, lash, block, stake, cowhide, strap, stocks, gallows, switch, prison, noose, rope, rawhide, electric chair, gibbet, guillotine, cane, captivity, whipping post, thumbscrew, rod, solitary confinement, torture chamber, jail, iron, truncheon, gas chamber, pillory, whip, maiden, ax, thong, bull whip, scaffold.
rack (noun)
wheel, wring, stand, torture, extort, wrack, excruciate, gouge, single-foot, scud, torment.


motion (verb)
pain (verb)
inflame, afflict, irritate, suffer, agonize, chafe, smart.
torture; strain (verb)
excruciate, agonize, distress, wrench, afflict, pain, wring, torment.

Other synonyms:

holder. shelf, scourge. smite. strike. single-foot
Other relevant words:
framework, flog, strike, frame, stretcher, counter, curse, beating, boot, bracket, gouge, wheel, smite, receptacle, trestle, ledge, perch, holder, stand, bookcase, wrack, wring, shelf, excruciate, scud, console, scourge, extort, plague, single-foot.

Usage examples for rack

  1. In her examination she denied having accomplices, and she expired on the rack without telling even her name. – The Project Gutenberg Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte by Bourrienne, Constant, and Stewarton
  2. And placed it in the rack at Mrs. Dane's? – Sight Unseen by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  3. Why do you keep me on the rack like this? – The Red Rat's Daughter by Guy Boothby