Synonyms for Grate:


drive someone mad, gridiron, andiron, furnace, bed, stove, madden, barbecue, grill, frustrate. buzz, babble, burble, click, sounds, blow, cough, ding. chill, butcher, bake, bone, blanch, carve, butter, beat, butchery, blend. fire screen, fireguard, hearth, fender, chimney, cowl, fireside, fireplace, inglenook. artifact (noun)
fireplace (noun)
furnace, stove, inglenook, fireside, chimney.
grate (noun)
grating, fret, eat into, grind, scrape, rankle.
grid (noun)
screen, lattice.
screen (noun)


abrade (verb)
aggravate (verb)
exasperate, infuriate, bait, vex, enrage, irritate, inflame, badger, envenom, nag, harry, irk, torment, rankle, needle, tease, arouse, annoy, bother, pester, hassle, upset, discompose, trouble, exacerbate, bedevil, peeve, antagonize, perturb.
chafe (verb)
grind, rub, scrape, abrade, scrub, fret, inflame, anger, resist, aggravate, harass, offend, chafe, wear, rasp, disturb, irritate.
clash (verb)
grind, shock, jar.
displease (verb)
scandalize, provoke, disappoint, aggrieve, anger, offend, repel, rile, disgust, shock, displease, jar.
grate (verb)
fret, rasp, aggravate, exasperate, rankle, abrade, provoke, annoy, vex, scrape, rub, peeve, chafe, irk, rile.

Other synonyms:

fireguard, fire screen, chimney, fireside, inglenook, hearth. cough, burble, ding, cowl. fender, click. babble. buzz, blow. aggravate
nag, irk.
Other relevant words:
fireside, screen, stove, madden, furnace, grating, lattice, blow, fireplace, gridiron, beat, eat into, hearth, grill, andiron, fireguard.

Usage examples for grate

  1. He stood watching the resumed unstacking of the cups, each with its crisp little grate against its neighbor. – The Vertical City by Fannie Hurst
  2. It was like warming cold hands before an open grate to look upon them. – The River and I by John G. Neihardt
  3. An old, quaint room, with a high, carved mantelpiece, and a bright fire sparkling in the grate – The Cuckoo Clock by Mrs. Molesworth