Synonyms for Jar:


bonding, absorbance, amplitude, beaker, centripetal force, vessel, mug, attraction, pitcher, air resistance, urn, crock, calorific, ewer, balance, centrifugal force, vase, chalice, capillary action, basin. antagonize, madden, drive someone mad, frustrate, contents, infuriate, quart. amaze, spring a surprise, surprise, stagger, stun, thud, flash mob, astound, astonish, bump. batch, consumption, bite, C, crumb, bowlful, bed, cake. average, suboptimal, substandard, limited, poor, undistinguished, unsatisfactory, inadequate, disappointing, inferior. thrust aside, heave, push, shoulder, thrust, shove, jab, strain, prod. bottle (noun)
canteen, Flacon, phial, flagon, gourd, thermos, vial, carboy, carafe, cruet.
container (noun)
chalice, pouch, cabinet, closet, shelf, vat, case, bucket, decanter, bowl, vase, tray, receptacle, can, stomach, beaker, basket, drawer, barrel, chest, flagon, storage, jug, bottle, crate, container, vessel, sack, trunk, ewer, purse, cruet, repository, locker, belly, bag, suitcase, crock, cupboard, drum, basin, ladle, cask, urn, cup, pocket, flask, wallet, pitcher, vault, box, tank, bin, bladder, holder, reservoir.
jar (noun)
bump around, jolt, shake up, collide, clash, jarful, jounce.
shocking hit (noun)
jolt, thud, bump, clash, jounce.


agitate (verb)
palpitate, trouble, shake, fluster, churn, perturb, upset, shiver, shudder, quake, disquiet, stir, quaver, quiver, agitate, jolt, twitch.
clash, disharmonize (verb)
disaccord, annoy, shock, discord.
displease (verb)
displease, aggrieve, rile, provoke, disturb, grate, annoy, irritate, bother, offend, repel, anger, scandalize, disgust, shock, disappoint.
shock, jolt (verb)
agitate, offend, shake, grate, disturb, irritate, quake.

Other synonyms:

thrust aside, bump, disaccord. discord, shove. contradict, prod. jab, thrust. conflict. shoulder, strain. push. jar
Other relevant words:
calorific, bed, stun, inadequate, disaccord, urn, chalice, bite, undistinguished, coolbox, collide, quart, crumb, shoulder, contradict, consumption, strain, madden, thud, conflict, surprise, bonding, crock, contents, attraction, clash, antagonize, average, astonish, unsatisfactory, vase, discord, balance, shove, bump, amplitude, stagger, crib, suboptimal, vessel, poor, shake up, pitcher, beaker, cake, mug, push, jounce, absorbance, prod, caddy, amaze, Baggie, bump around, astound, jab, canister, disappointing, ewer, bowlful, basin, thrust, limited, frustrate, breadbox, inferior, jarful, batch, infuriate, substandard, heave.

Usage examples for jar

  1. It was early evening, and the women were coming each with a water- jar on her shoulder, to draw water. – Child's Story of the Bible by Mary A. Lathbury
  2. What do you keep that jar of sea- water for? – Yellow-Cap and Other Fairy-Stories For Children by Julian Hawthorne
  3. But the specimens collected at the same station may be put together in the same jar – Louis Agassiz: His Life and Correspondence by Louis Agassiz