Synonyms for Torment:


kick around, shove around, mistreat, reject, do someone wrong, trample, hit out, abuse, oppress, grind down. mare, the elephant in the room, necessity, task, the impossible, wretchedness, a tall order, chore, struggle, happy. feelings, Besetment, irritant, plague, worst-case scenario, quagmire, stress, battle, nuisance, crisis. adversity (noun)
curse, calamity, hard times, bane, hard luck, tribulation, peril, trial, ordeal, disaster, misfortune, contretemps, bad luck, mishap, casualty, tragedy, trouble, blight, destitution, rainy day, woe, poorness, catastrophe, poverty, hardship, difficulty, misadventure, adversity, dolor, burden.
aggravation (noun)
exacerbation, arousal, vexation, ire, discomposure, indignation, disturbance, harassment, bedevilment, exasperation, virulence, scorn, provocation, resentment, annoyance, petulance, pique, perturbation, enragement.
hell (noun)
living hell.
oppression (noun)
pain (noun)
Back Ache, anguish, earache, spasm, throe, headache, suffering, pain, sore, stab, infliction, Migraine, injury, stitch, bite, inflammation, discomfort, wound, malaise, ache, rack, pang, painfulness, wrench, smarting, throb, torture, gripe, irritation, hurt, misery, agony, chafing, sting, burn, distress, cramp, crick, bruise, affliction, grief.
painfulness (noun)
distressfulness, uncomfortableness, acuteness, unpleasantness, severity, odiousness, offensiveness, aggravation, irksomeness, woefulness, hurtfulness, soreness, bitterness, annoyingness, grievousness, oppressiveness, arduousness, cruelty.
severe mental distress (noun)
harassment, misery, torture, provocation, nag, irritation, rack, agony, bother, annoyance, pain, nuisance, trouble, affliction, persecution, anguish, bane, suffering, plague, vexation.
state (noun)
torment (noun)
frustrate, badgering, anguish, agony, bedevil, dun, curse, worrying, bedevilment, harassment, rack, torture, excruciate, crucify, rag.


aggravate (verb)
disturb, hassle, perturb, pester, antagonize, badger, harry, bedevil, aggravate, enrage, bait, fret, envenom, upset, tease, discompose, irk, bother, nag, grate, rankle, vex, needle, exacerbate, infuriate, arouse, exasperate, peeve, annoy.
be or make very upset (verb)
bedevil, hurt, abuse, irritate, harass, crucify, distress, afflict, vex, mistreat, tease, harry, annoy, pester, provoke, excruciate, agonize, bait.
pain (verb)
chafe, suffer, inflame, irritate, afflict, smart, agonize.
threaten (verb)
forebode, hint, threaten, intimidate, harass, admonish, Forewarn, bully, browbeat, frighten, scare, bulldoze, warn.

Other synonyms:

living hell, persecution, Besetment. irritant. nuisance, plague. misery
Other relevant words:
reject, task, happy, worrying, nuisance, necessity, anger, abuse, madden, plague, feelings, persecution, rag, struggle, trample, mare, dun, badgering, quagmire, Besetment, chore, crisis, wretchedness, frustrate, irritant, stress, living hell, crucify, oppress, excruciate, provoke, mistreat, battle.

Usage examples for torment

  1. He would never come so far now that he could go down into the place of torment where his mother lay, and bring her up with him, up to salvation. – The Great Hunger by Johan Bojer
  2. He was well accustomed to the torment of Egyptian flies, but these particular flies belonged to the order of things whose deeds, being evil, loved darkness. – There was a King in Egypt by Norma Lorimer
  3. You torment and charm in the same breath. – Molly Bawn by Margaret Wolfe Hamilton