Synonyms for Smash:


best-selling (adjective)


all (adverb)


disfigure, mar, damage, hurt, stain, injure, mark, take its toll, harm. aquaplane, help, accident, breakdown, blindside, broadside, rift, car crash, blowout. cross, play, strike at, pass, crack-up, pile up, dribble. bop, clip, attack, pop, smite, slog, wallop, biff, sock, slug, defeat, clout, wham, knock out, catch, thwack, conk, slam, paste, overcome, swat, whop. backhand, baste, pummel, pound, dive, corner, clobber, assault, lambaste, hammer, drub, belabor, assail, delivery, thresh, batter, buffet, thrash, chip, ball. clack, cross up, undo, finish, clamor, beep, wash up, spoil, total, wrack, torpedo, clamour, sink, cacophony. performer, success story, a howling success, biggie, leader, big hitter, tour de force. act (noun)
blow (noun)
blindside, thwack.
crash (noun)
blow, breakup, breaking.
great success (noun)
smash (noun)
belt, boom, smashingly, knock, dash, crash, bash, overhead, HIT, bang, nail, strike, smash up, blast, smasher.
tennis (noun)
alley, break point, the Davis Cup, clay, advantage, ball girl, ball boy.
wallop (noun)


break into pieces (verb)
clobber, demolish, pound, shatter, pulverize, fragment, slug, belt, disintegrate, splinter.
contact (verb)
blast, nail, boom.
defeat, destroy (verb)
annihilate, raze, lay waste, tear down, decimate.
destroy (verb)
level, decimate, wreck, eradicate, vaporize, desolate, dismantle, mow down, devastate, extirpate, annihilate, atomize, demolish, raze, rip to shreds, bulldoze, lay waste, abolish, destroy, tear down, exterminate, pulverize, flatten, disintegrate.
shatter (verb)
fragment, splinter, shatter.

Other synonyms:

biff, bop, massacre, tour de force, shellac, defeat, whop, backhand, clobber, biggie. drub, sock, pound, lambaste, crumble, smite, assail, pummel, wallop, hammer, belabor, torpedo, overpower, dribble, steamroller, paste, thwack, overcome. baste, smear, assault, pop, thrash, slog, spoil, thresh, clout. breakdown, overwhelm, knock out, rift, cross. undo, chip. play. finish. sink. pass. catch. clobber
mow down.
lay waste, pulverize.
smash up.
Other relevant words:
slug, whop, swat, clip, HIT, bang, blow, bash, breakdown, boom, slog, biff, thwack, crash, belt, paste, clout, drub, knock, slam, pound, crack-up, sock.

Usage examples for smash

  1. I was expecting the smash on deck when I was brought up there. – The Seaboard Parish, Complete by George MacDonald
  2. " I'm here, and you'll smash the boat if you try to send me back," he said. – The Coast of Adventure by Harold Bindloss
  3. But I'll get this one if I have to crash him in air and smash my own ship right through him. – The Hammer of Thor by Charles Willard Diffin