Synonyms for Kick:


Al-Anon, delirium tremens, dependence, binge drinking, alcoholics anonymous, jar, abuse, jolt, aa, blow, fillip, designated driver, thrust, cheers, alcoholism. anticipation, ecstasy, delight, enjoyment, wonder, excitement, amusement, enthusiasm, joie de vivre, satisfaction. flavor, force, potency, hook, vitality, cross, punch, play, strike at, dribble, wallop, pass, shoot. happy, corner, crab, whine, bellyache, feelings, ball, grouch, backhand, chip, dive, delivery, grouse, grump, catch. close, continue, reach out, extend, wave, bend, spread, open, fold your arms/hands, break, cut out, leave off, stretch. kick out, moot, words, rap, kick someone's face/teeth/head in, discuss, toss around, talk over, put/stick the boot in, fight back, kick/beat the shit out of someone, set about, go into a huddle. gesture, call, choreography, choreographic, dance, step, choreographer, choreograph, footwork. act (noun)
boot, kicking.
kick (noun)
flush, kicking, squawk, complain, quetch, kvetch, thrill, recoil, rush, gripe, boot, kick back, bang, sound off, plain, beef, charge.
power, strength (noun)
jar, vitality, force, punch, blow, jolt, boot.
thrill, enjoyment (noun)
wallop, bang, excitement.
wallop (noun)


complain (verb)
except, expostulate, whine, object, protest, inveigh, remonstrate, gripe.
quit a habit (verb)
leave off.

Other synonyms:

cut out, choreography, cut down, grow out of, blow, joie de vivre, backhand, reach out, anticipation, choreographic, grouse, give in, swear off, wonder, choreographer. satisfaction, dribble, enthusiasm, shoot, chip, footwork, bellyache, inveigh, amusement, demur, expostulate, excitement, objection, remonstrate, choreograph. whine, ecstasy, protest, enjoyment, except. punch, challenge, hook, cross, dance. stretch, bend, step, extend, play. wave. pass. spread. open. break. close. call. inveigh
remonstrate, sound off.
swear off.
Other relevant words:
vitality, cross, wallop, chip, call, grouch, anticipation, choreographic, thrust, shoot, strike at, joie de vivre, fillip, kick out, bellyache, challenge, jar, amusement, object, wonder, remonstrate, spread, crab, blow, force, objection, pass, demur, stretch, footwork, grouse, grump, leave off, wave, enthusiasm, jolt, enjoyment, whine, satisfaction, inveigh, gesture, rap, excitement, protest, open, potency, backhand, break, swear off, choreography, except, expostulate, bang, punch.

Usage examples for kick

  1. He flung his arm around her, and pressed his face against hers; " I wish somebody would kick me. – The Iron Woman by Margaret Deland
  2. " They'd kick the stuffin' out of me if they knew this," said Sandy. – A Man to His Mate by J. Allan Dunn
  3. But as for you, you'll go, if I have to kick you every step. – Into the Primitive by Robert Ames Bennet