Synonyms for Splash:


report, run, put out, go to press, print, serialize, publish. click, strike, cough, ding, buzz, grate, babble, dash. bubble, burble, move, gurgle, band, fleck, blaze, point, patina, shading, lap, wash, discoloration. chink, clip-clop, clack, clash, bump, clink, beat, clangor. bleach, redden, color, respray, blacken, tint, dye, brighten, fade, paint. blister, burnout, breakage, burn, blight, chip, blemish, bruise. jet, trickle, leak, river, drop, sip, condensation, moisture. burst, deepen, crest, channel, catch, cast up, course, come in, break. clatter, thunder, screech, groan, crunch, crash around, rumble, rattle, bang. dunk, swim, go down, sink, duck, submerge, carry, go under. blob (noun)
dab, bubble.
blotch (noun)
gurgle (noun)
plash (noun)
plop, dash.
splash (noun)
splosh, spatter, squish, slop, splashing, burst, splatter, plash, dab, splattering, slush, spattering, dash, swash, slosh, squelch.


contact (verb)
sprinkle, splosh.
dash (verb)
dip (verb)
duck, wash, water, submerge, dunk.
moisten (verb)
moisten, wet, splatter, sprinkle, humidify, water, dampen, spray.
splash (verb)
plash, sprinkle, spray, slosh, slop, wet, splatter, spatter, moisten.

Other synonyms:

moisture, publish, dunk, crash around, burble, serialize, discoloration. fleck, tint, submerge, patina, gurgle, wash, shading, river, condensation. blaze, dash, go under, bubble. print, jet. rattle. lap. report, break. carry, band. put out, crunch. point, duck. run. sink. buzz. go down. drop. bath
Other relevant words:
break, patina, print, burst, paint, swash, spatter, publish, crunch, gurgle, jet, river, squelch, spattering, blemish, splashing, splattering, dab, fleck, drop, wash, blaze, trickle, babble, serialize, dash, burble, submerge, squish, slosh, slop, discoloration, dye, splosh, point, lap, slush, bubble, condensation, duck, run, plash, band, beat.

Usage examples for splash

  1. He tried to listen, to ascertain if he could hear the roar of the waters that would indicate that the dam had already gone out, but all he could catch was the splash of the rain. – Jack of the Pony Express by Frank V. Webster
  2. There was a loud splash of men jumping overboard, and then, almost instantly, the cry of " Quarter! – Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates by Howard I. Pyle
  3. It would be a pity to splash any mud on her! – Red Pepper Burns by Grace S. Richmond