Synonyms for Shower:


delouse, rain, rainfall, BO, mist, clean up, bathe, bubble bath, drizzle, body odor, ablutions. all-nighter, washing, bachelor party, banquet, afterparty, bath, B and S, baby shower, block party, bash, bachelorette party, blowout. airlock, antechamber, changing room, atrium, chamber, cubicle, booth, anteroom, control room, boiler room. distribute, hand over, part with, pepper, hand, cannonade, attack, bombard, fusillade, barrage, yield. blizzard, dew, dewdrop, downpour, curtain, big, acid rain, band, cloudburst, avalanche, heap. concentration, hail, salvo, storm, feast, complex, bombardment, burst, cornucopia, bonanza, volley. dishpan, bidet, bathtub, hot tub, basin, mudbath, douche, jacuzzi. come down, descend, lose your balance/footing, fall, lower, plunge, go down, drop, plummet, slip. act (noun)
shower bath.
precipitation (noun)
drizzle, rain, hail, rainfall, cloudburst, deluge, downpour, storm, flood.
shower (noun)
exhibitor, cascade, exhibitioner, rain shower, shower down, shower bath, lavish.
volley (noun)


flood (verb)
flood, sluice, rinse, deluge, submerge, immerse, engulf, imbue, drench, slosh, inundate, saturate, soak, swamp, douse, drown.
give (verb)
award, devote, provide, deliver, allow, extend, dole, contribute, lend, allot, ration, expend, pay, tender, render, supply, pledge, consign, lavish, fund, dispense, bequeath, bestow, send, grant, furnish, serve, offer, disburse, donate, ascribe, endow, assist, attribute, assign, share, present, help, give, impart, submit.
lavish (verb)
rain (verb)
drench, mist, fall.

Other synonyms:

dishpan, rain, jacuzzi, salvo, bath, bathtub, bidet, mudbath, hot tub. bombardment, barrage, bombard, douche, hail, fusillade, cannonade. pepper, volley, storm. basin. overflow
slosh, engulf.
Other relevant words:
cloudburst, fusillade, distribute, shower bath, booth, bash, bathe, mudbath, dishpan, rainfall, drop, plunge, salvo, dew, rain, yield, avalanche, atrium, basin, airlock, bonanza, descend, plummet, curtain, drizzle, attack, hand, slip, blowout, cubicle, mist, all-nighter, delouse, bidet, jacuzzi, exhibitor, complex, heap, downpour, shower down, chamber, lower, storm, burst, anteroom, big, hail, blizzard, bathtub, rain shower, dewdrop, banquet, afterparty, cannonade, bath, douche, fall, cascade, clean up, band, bombardment, exhibitioner, volley, cornucopia, ablutions, bombard, concentration, feast, pepper, washing, antechamber, barrage.

Usage examples for shower

  1. Presently a small whale rose close beside us, and, sending a shower of spray over the boat, went down in a pool of foam. – Fighting the Whales by R.M. Ballantyne
  2. There came a slight shower we stepped under the old poplar trees; they yielded more than sufficient shelter. – Daisy Burns (Volume 2) by Julia Kavanagh
  3. It's over as quickly as a shower – The Blood Red Dawn by Charles Caldwell Dobie