Synonyms for Compress:


archive, burn-in, burn, access, call up, capture, block, browse, back up, author. bowdlerize, adapt, tighten, dramatize, cut down, append, censor, delete. braces, band aid, cane, cotton ball, cast, corset, cotton, collar, bandage. grind, rub, scrunch, depress. compress (noun)
press, pack together, squeeze, compact, contract, constrict.
condense (noun)
crowd, ram, epitomize, make terse, squeeze together, shrivel, dehydrate, tighten, bind tightly, press together, cramp, coagulate, abstract, boil down, wrap closely, cram, make brief, restrict in area, force into a smaller space, consolidate, summarize.
outline (noun)


compact, condense (verb)
contract, squeeze, dehydrate, reduce, decrease, crowd, abridge, consolidate, cram, press, press together, concentrate, tighten, constrict, shrink, abbreviate, cramp, summarize, make brief, shorten, boil down, ram, coagulate, shrivel, abstract, epitomize.
contact (verb)
compact, pack together.
contract (verb)
squeeze, condense, wither.
decrease (verb)
deplete, die down, subside, recede, decrease, deduct, lower, truncate, compact, abridge, concentrate, diminish, decrement, abbreviate, erode, lessen, shrink, shorten, dwindle, abate, contract, drain, deflate, curtail.
diminish (verb)
weed, downgrade, shear, pare, taper, lighten, crop, prune, reduce, minimize, clip, shave, trim, cull, nip, bob.
flatten (verb)
grade, even, plane, smooth, level, flatten, squish.

Other synonyms:

censor, append, tighten, dramatize, cotton ball, bowdlerize, corset, cram. cut down, cotton, delete, band aid, consolidate, cane. depress, adapt, scrunch. grind, rub. collar. cast. contract

Usage examples for compress

  1. This compress on the stomach is an excellent remedy with small children and infants in a restless, feverish condition. – Hydriatic treatment of Scarlet Fever in its Different Forms by Charles Munde