Synonyms for Lowering:


all (adjective)
sullen, threatening, heavy.
descending (adjective)
falling, descending, plummeting, declining, sliding, slipping, downward, sinking, Plunging, dropping.
threatening (adjective)
overhanging, heavy.


depression (noun)
debasement, diminution, depression, attenuation.
lowering (noun)
letting down, heavy, cloudy, sullen, threatening.
subtraction (noun)
deletion, decrease, Diminishment, curtailment, elision, reduction, abridgement, depreciation, subtraction, deduction.


cheapening (verb)
Cheapening, devaluating, degrading, devaluing, marking down, slashing.
decreasing (verb)
shortening, dwindling, Compacting, dying down, diminishing, abating, Deducting, receding, compressing, shrinking, decrementing, Abbreviating, Abridging, decreasing, lessening, draining, deflating, Depleting, Curtailing, Truncating, contracting, Concentrating, subsiding, eroding.
depressing (verb)
depressing, Attenuating, sinking, debasing.
descending (verb)
descending, Plunging, slipping, sliding, falling, Slumping, coming down, tumbling, falling down, dropping, toppling, nose-diving, settling, plummeting, declining.
discounting (verb)
lowering (verb)
submerging, deepening.
shortening (verb)
clipping, condensing, belittling.
subtracting (verb)
Discounting, pruning, cutting, reducing, Subtracting, Cropping, Weeding, Bobbing, docking, Deleting, paring, shaving, trimming, shearing, Eliding, depreciating.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
letting down, overhanging, cloudy, sullen, threatening, heavy.

Usage examples for lowering

  1. " And I have had a sign in a dream," said Kiomidzu, lowering his voice a little more. – The Way of the Gods by John Luther Long
  2. Really, says Miss Penelope, lowering her work and glancing restlessly at her sister, I feel more nervous than I can say, when I think of their coming. – Rossmoyne by Unknown
  3. He was shooting very well, too; and his spirits rose and rose until the lowering day was forgotten altogether. – Macleod of Dare by William Black