Synonyms for Dejection:


remorse, regret, distress, disappointment. dolefulness, despondence, dysphoria, feelings, dumps, funk, mope, unhappiness, doldrums, gloom, happy, heavy-heartedness. boredom (noun)
dejection (noun)
contemplativeness, ordure, moodiness, pensiveness, mournfulness, wistfulness, blues, stool, fecal matter, woefulness, bm, sadness, grimness, ennui, joylessness, faeces, plaintiveness, dolorousness, anxiety, sullenness, Faecal Matter, dreariness, feces.
depression (noun)
blues, cheerlessness, dreariness, doldrums, funk, woefulness, dispiritedness, bleakness.
despondency (noun)
grief, depression, sadness, sorrow, melancholy.
hopelessness (noun)
anguish, forlornness, pessimism, gloominess, melancholy, discouragement, moroseness, despondency, misery, hopelessness, cheerlessness, despair, bleakness, dispiritedness, spiritlessness, depression, downheartedness, heartlessness, abandonment, desperation, disheartenment, glumness.
sullenness (noun)
long-facedness, hostility, crossness, malevolence, petulance, unfriendliness, dourness, grumpiness, grouchiness, sourness, surliness, crabbiness, cynicism, irascibility, fretfulness, cantankerousness, sulkiness, meanness, contrariness, obstinacy, darkness.

Other synonyms:

doldrums, distress, dysphoria, heavy-heartedness, dolefulness. despondence, gloom, unhappiness. mope. despondency
faecal matter
Faecal Matter.
Other relevant words:
distress, fecal matter, disappointment, Faecal Matter, dolefulness, dumps, dysphoria, feces, faeces, funk, heavy-heartedness, sorrow, stool, happy, grief, ordure, bm, remorse, mope, despondence, feelings, doldrums, regret, unhappiness, gloom.

Usage examples for dejection

  1. He had always talked to her with frankness, but now he made her a confidant of all his hidden dejection – Roderick Hudson by Henry James
  2. And in that moment of dejection the poor fellow's devotion brought me no little comfort. – Richard Carvel, Complete by Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 5, 2009