Synonyms for Swag:


baggage, backpack, cabin baggage, Attache Case, carpetbag, accompanied baggage, briefcase, bum bag, carryall. contraband, ill-gotten gains, plant. booty (noun)
catch, booty, spoils, bag, haul, prize, graft, Boodle, plunder.
money (noun)
coupon, currency, silver, coinage, money, fortune, wampum, draft, spending money, proceeds, balance sheet, worth, money order, bond, funds, assets, sterling, bankroll, promissory note, bank note, issue, note, wherewithal, purse, greenback, stock, cash, moolah, lucre, net worth, pounds, profit, wallet, dollar, scratch, petty cash, income, wad, gross, check, change, ways and means, iou, bill, loot, capital, dough, ingot, treasure, gold, copper, pocket money, bullion, wealth, nugget, receipts.
prize (noun)
haul, purse, pillage.
spoils (noun)
loot, prize.
swag (noun)
sag, spoils, loot, pillage, lurch, flag, reel, keel, money, careen, stagger, plunder, Boodle, droop, prize, graft, booty.


sag (verb)
bag, flag.
tilt (verb)
careen, lurch.

Other synonyms:

contraband, ill-gotten gains. plant. Other relevant words:
careen, keel, droop, stagger, carryall, sag, contraband, lurch, briefcase, reel, backpack, baggage, carpetbag, pillage, plant, flag.

Usage examples for swag

  1. Leota's gift cart piled high with brilliant swag strolling human players ad- libbing with the guests in the queue area. – Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom by Cory Doctorow
  2. He just walked into the arms of a constable over there near Goodmayes Station with the swag on him. – Okewood of the Secret Service by Valentine Williams