Synonyms for Depreciating:


all (adjective)
depreciative, depreciatory.


depreciating (noun)
decreasing, depreciatory, depreciative.


cheapening (verb)
degrading, deflating, devaluating, slashing, Cheapening, devaluing, debasing, marking down, belittling.
detracting (verb)
reducing, diminishing, disparaging, Derogating, Decrying, Detracting, Defaming, casting aspersion, Maligning, lessening, Discounting, Abrading.
discounting (verb)
subtracting (verb)
lowering, Deleting, cutting, docking, Weeding, Eliding, trimming, Cropping, paring, shearing, Bobbing, pruning, Deducting, Subtracting, decreasing, Curtailing, shaving, Abridging, clipping.
underestimating (verb)
underestimating, undervaluing.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
depreciative, depreciatory.

Usage examples for depreciating

  1. The newspapers had also published accounts of the voluntary surrender of German U- boats; but not one such surrender, Admiral Jellicoe said, had ever taken place; the stories had been circulated merely for the purpose of depreciating enemy moral. – The Victory At Sea by William Sowden Sims Burton J. Hendrick