Synonyms for Unhappy:


bad (adjective)
troubled, unfortunate, distressed, unpleasant.
blue (adjective)
chill (adjective)
damned (adjective)
depressed (adjective)
low, tristful, spiritless, down, dysphoric, sad, melancholic.
disagreeable (adjective)
upsetting, sour.
discontent (adjective)
dissident, irritated, disapproving, ungratified, non-satisfied, disgruntled, discontent, joyless, anguished, fed up, discomposed, irreconcilable, disquieted, uneasy, uncomfortable, exasperated, despondent, restless, malcontent, dissatisfied, sour, teed off, anxious, ticked off, cheerless, bored, frustrated, wretched, miserable, displeased, gloomy, cross.
grief-stricken (adjective)
hapless (adjective)
unhappy (adjective)
bleak, heavy-hearted, gloomy, afflicted, melancholy, wretched, depressed, luckless, hapless, dismal, low, dispirited, cheerless, ill-fated, untoward, downcast, sorry, ill-starred, troubled, despondent, dejected, miserable, sorrowful.


terrible, upsetting, heartbreaking, depressing, painful, dismal, tragic. subdued, troubled, bleak. dismayed, ill-starred, luckless, disappointed, untoward, unlucky, disillusioned, bitter, discontented, ill-fated, disenchanted, Star-crossed, luck, hapless. inappropriate, good, awkward, mischance, down on your luck, misfortune, ill-chosen, a run of good/bad luck, ability, inept. sad (noun)
troubled, sorrowful.
unfortunate (noun)
unhappy (noun)
nostalgic, dysphoric, unpleasant, miserable, wretched, bad, sorry, lovesick, distressed, homesick, suffering, infelicitous, unfortunate.


depressing (verb)

Other synonyms:

heartbreaking, Star-crossed, dismayed, ill-chosen, hapless, upsetting, depressing, mischance. misfortune, luckless, subdued, painful, ill-fated. inept. inappropriate, bitter, untoward, terrible, awkward. catastrophic
in low spirits
downhearted, depressed, dispirited, spiritless, low, heavy-hearted, melancholic, desolate, melancholy, sad, dejected, tristful, down, wistful, blue, dull.
unlucky, unfortunate.
Other relevant words:
untoward, infelicitous, dismayed, downcast, dull, down, discontented, disappointed, afflicted, dispirited, depressing, ill-chosen, blue, unpleasant, inept, lovesick, depressed, sorry, disenchanted, ill-starred, inappropriate, terrible, dejected, sorrowful, melancholic, subdued, ill-fated, unfortunate, awkward, tragic, downhearted, misfortune, bad, mischance, low, melancholy, suffering, good, spiritless, dysphoric, bleak, disillusioned, unlucky, painful, luck, desolate, distressed, upsetting, luckless, wistful, homesick, troubled, nostalgic, hapless, dismal, tristful, heartbreaking, bitter, sad, Star-crossed, heavy-hearted, ability.

Usage examples for unhappy

  1. To go on like this will only make us all unhappy and that is why Laura must go with me! – Three Comedies by Björnstjerne M. Björnson Commentator: R. Farquharson Sharp
  2. But if he seemed to be dead, Edred and Elfrida would be very unhappy – Harding's luck by E. [Edith] Nesbit
  3. I was very unhappy about it for a time. – Colonel Thorndyke's Secret by G. A. Henty