Synonyms for Constraining:


controlling (adjective)
hindering (adjective)
impeding, constipating, frustrating, Tangling, Clogging, crippling, Detaining, Entrapping, Snarling, thwarting, Handicapping, choking, Complicating, Restraining, Resisting, Deterring, inhibiting, Encumbering, hindering, Cramping, Crimping, bottleneck, Snagging, baffling, Entangling, congesting, restricting, Fouling, burdensome, Delaying, Damming, Obstructing, blocking.
irresistible (adjective)
limiting (adjective)
extreme, bounding, limiting, edge, zenith, utmost, confining, Restraining, restricting, maximum, Terminating.
obligatory (adjective)
imperative, binding, indispensable, compulsory, necessary, mandatory, pressing, requisite, required, inevitable, obligatory.
required (adjective)
requisite, compulsory, necessary, obligatory, pressing, required, binding, proviso, Stipulated, indispensable, inexorable, involuntary, inevitable, prerequisite, imperative, essential, mandatory, must, inescapable.
restraining (adjective)


constraining (noun)
confining, limiting, restricting, constrictive, restrictive.


hindering (verb)
Bunging, curbing, Hamstringing, Hampering, Checking, stopping, catching, dragging, jamming, Paralyzing, Plugging, barring, fettering, Interrupting, countering, Staying, Burdening, bottlenecking, Miring, braking, opposing, Impairing.
obliging (verb)
Needing, accommodating, Necessitating, obliging, indulging, Requiring, demanding, favoring.
prohibiting (verb)
Prohibiting, Suppressing, banning, Oppressing, Precluding, Rejecting, Curtailing, controlling, Disallowing, Denying, Preventing, disqualifying, Outlawing, forbidding, Refusing, disapproving.
requiring (verb)
mandating, compelling, Obligating, Stipulating.
restraining (verb)
Shackling, constricting, confining, Tethering, Bridling, Collaring, Leashing.
stabilizing (verb)
tying down, fixing, stabilizing, Securing.
subordinating (verb)
enthralling, Enslaving, Subjecting, subordinating, Subjugating.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
constrictive, restrictive.

Usage examples for constraining

  1. I said a moment or two ago that Christ's love to us is the constraining power, and that ours to Him is but the condition on which that power works. – Expositions of Holy Scripture: Romans Corinthians (To II Corinthians, Chap. V) by Alexander Maclaren
  2. Suddenly, a constraining force seized him. – The Players by Everett B. Cole