Synonyms for Dour:


gloomy, grim (adjective)
harsh, saturnine, stringent, glum, forbidding, surly, sulky, unfriendly, morose, severe, bleak, hard, sullen, sour.
hard (adjective)
irritable (adjective)
severe (adjective)
critical, strict, obdurate, blunt, correct, sharp, brusque, demanding, rigorous, spare, obstinate, cool, censorious, chilly, astringent, keen, tart, caustic, abrupt, short, relentless, dry, brisk, stark, inflexible, gruff, crisp, rigid, intolerant, fundamental, spartan, puritanical, draconian, ascetic, unbending, prudish, disciplined, precise, intense, exacting, severe, raw, stiff-necked, icy, stern, acerbic, imperial, basic, curt, uncompromising, oppressive, harsh, meticulous, grim, acute, stringent, acrimonious, authoritarian, strait-laced, frosty, austere, piquant, cutting, bleak, hidebound, lean.
sullen (adjective)
frowning, cynical, grim, irascible, hostile, glum, unfriendly, dejected, dark, uncooperative, obstinate, gloomy, grouchy, glowering, melancholy, dissociable, noncooperative, contrary, malevolent, surly, ungenial, moody, sour, long-faced, sulky, sullen, morose, fretful, broody, cross, scowling, unsociable, cantankerous, grumpy, Moping, crabby, petulant, mean, beetle-browed.


humdrum, mind-numbing, dull, unexciting, uninteresting, uninspired, boring, tedious, trivial. hard, hot, attitude. dour (noun)
glum, saturnine, forbidding, grim, sullen, glowering, pertinacious, unyielding, stubborn, ill-natured, bulldog, unpleasant, dogged, sour, dark, tenacious, morose, moody.
unfriendly (noun)
aloof, stony, churlish, antagonistic, distant, cold.

Other synonyms:

hard. Other relevant words:
attitude, ill-natured, dogged, humdrum, cold, mind-numbing, bulldog, aloof, hot, forbidding, tedious, uninspired, stony, boring, stubborn, trivial, tenacious, unpleasant, pertinacious, hard, distant, uninteresting, unexciting, dull, churlish, unyielding, antagonistic, saturnine.

Usage examples for dour

  1. On the corner of Fifth Avenue he paused, startled fairly out of his dour mood by the loud echo of a name already become too hatefully familiar to his ears, and by the sight of what, at first glance, he took to be the beginning of a street brawl. – The Brass Bowl by Louis Joseph Vance