Synonyms for Immediate:


close (adjective)
direct (adjective)
instantaneous; without delay (adjective)
instant, critical, present, paramount, pressing, current, next, live, existing, urgent, at once, prompt, now.
near (adjective)
nearby, adjacent, local, neighborhood, by, close, near, hairbreadth, proximate.
near, next (adjective)
nigh, adjacent, firsthand, primary, close, contiguous, nearby, direct, proximate.
now (adjective)
current, today's, contemporaneous, contemporary.
punctual (adjective)
prompt, expeditious, quick, speedy, swift, punctual.
sudden (adjective)
hasty, quick, abrupt, instantaneous, unexpected, precipitous, sudden.
timeless (adjective)
instantaneous, timeless.


early (adverb)
in time.


attached, alongside, next to, united, Beside, next door. instant, straight away, suddenly, on-the-spot, straight, time, right now, at once, promptly, instantly, headlong. chummy, nigh, clannish, brotherly, acquainted, cosy, broken, arm's length, brittle, connected. prevailing, alive, in progress, primary, clear, existing, modern-day, firsthand, at this time. subsequent, in the course of time, subsequently, in time, after, Since, following, beyond, ensuing, succeeding. immediate (noun)
prompt, unmediated, proximate, present, close, straightaway, fast, contiguous, direct, quick.
primary (noun)
paramount, pressing, critical, urgent, important.
urgent (noun)
imperative, every minute counts, exigent, uppermost, on the front burner, as a matter of urgency/priority, it's now or never.

Other synonyms:

modern-day, present, existing, prevailing, firsthand. alive. primary. immediate
uppermost, urgent, exigent, pressing.
Other relevant words:
important, pressing, contiguous, modern-day, instant, live, firsthand, next door, prevailing, primary, direct, straight away, at once, existing, nigh, exigent, imperative, urgent, straightaway, paramount, uppermost, unmediated, now, fast, headlong, expeditious, straight, present, next, critical, next to, connected.

Usage examples for immediate

  1. Permit me to bid you good day, for you know that the matter under my hand needs my immediate attention." – The Puppet Crown by Harold MacGrath
  2. The immediate result was greater crop- producing power in the soil, and dependence upon lime as a fertilizer resulted. – Crops and Methods for Soil Improvement by Alva Agee
  3. They continued their agitation, but their efforts had little immediate success. – McGill and its Story, 1821-1921 by Cyrus Macmillan